When one semester isn’t enough

Many leave for their semesters abroad thinking that one semester (3–4 months) is a perfect amount to be spend studying and living abroad. Often, however, when the semester is rounding up to its end, students wish that they’d have more time at the destination after all.

Going abroad, for however long, is always an extraordinary experience. We help students to plan a study abroad experience that best suits them. You can combine two semesters at different host universities and destinations, or stay at one place for a year. Almost any combination is possible as long as the semesters don’t overlap.

What’s more, you’ll receive a 100 EUR / 120 USD discount from the second semester and our team supports and helps you throughout your exchange year.

What are some of the benefits of a longer study abroad period?

Learn more about your destination – and yourself

Getting settled into a new country and culture takes time. Establishing a local network and digging deeper into the workings of your new world takes weeks, if not months. Usually around month three or four you start feeling that you can truly take advantage of every opportunity at the destination. Even though the idea of even a few months away from home might feel like a long time in the beginning, time has a tendency to just speed by during exchange.

The second semester gives you more time to focus on the best bits of going abroad – including the having fun part. Unearthing the trendiest nightlife spots and the most exotic free time activities becomes second nature. You’ll make even more friends and are able to deepen the relationships you already have.

After identifying the kind of time management and student life that suits you the best abroad, it is easier to take full advantage of your opportunities on exchange. The study abroad destination starts to feel like home but you’re still enjoying the energy and excitement of the living abroad experience.

Thailand Stole Krista's Heart

Get more out of your studies

Furthermore, you might be able to get more out of your studies during the second semester abroad. A chunk of your time during the first semester usually deals with finding the perfect balance between studying and study abroad life. When the second semester begins, you are, however, able to start the studying full on from the first lecture onward.

You’ll probably have more patience towards the fluorescent lighting at the library, too, if it illuminates your already acquired beautiful base tan. Having already tasted the study abroad life, your thirst for knowledge can be again directed more fully towards challenging yourself academically.

Students at rangsit university with their teacher

In addition, your bloated academic self-confidence, capital from the first semester, is a priceless commodity when starting a new semester. Even if you weren’t at the same host university for your second semester, the study skills you’ve acquired help you to navigate through the course selection jungle like a pro, among many other previously foreign things.

You’ve become a wiser, more patient person outside the lecture halls, as well. This helps you to run errands and organize your life at the new destination with less sweating. After having gone through a study abroad semester, you’re able to wander even further out of your comfort zone during the second one.

Top five benefits of the longer study abroad experience

  • Settling in to a new place is time consuming. When staying longer, you’ll be able to maximize the quality time at the destination.
  • You’ll have more time to get to know the destination, the neighboring countries, and new people. You’ll learn more about yourself as well; how you’d like your life to look like and with whom you’d want to share experiences.
  • The study abroad experience becomes even more vivid. A year can encapsulate twice as many experiences than half a year.
  • You’ll get more out of your studies and are able to enjoy them more. You’ll be able to recognize what kind of courses and what kind of a schedule flourishes you the most academically.
  • You’ll return home as a more mature person who knows how to get the most out of his time and to which things to dedicate that time.

Students’ experiences of studying a whole year abroad

Read about the experience of Jannik and Magnus who decided to spend a whole year in Bali.

Jannik and Magnus, two friends studying abroad in Bali, Indonesia
Jannik and Magus spent two semesters in Bali.

Full degree abroad

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