Internships for university students in Asia

Gain work experience in Asia! There are hundreds of places available for students from various fields of studies. The internships are organized by independent internship agents and all the applications as well as inquiries should be addressed directly to the agent in question.

Internships in Southeast Asia

AIP Asia Internship Program organizes internships in Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia). At the moment, most of the available placements are in Thailand. There are internships available for example in the fields of business, tourism, and communication.

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Internships in China

InternChina offers various internships in China. There are internships available for example in the fields of hospitality, business administration, and engineering.

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Please note: InternChina offers 5% discount off the internship arrangement fee for applicants who mention Asia Exchange in the section “How did you hear about InternChina”.

Finding an internship on your own

Finding an internship abroad independently is usually quite time-consuming and the process can be complicated. Especially in Asia, in order to find a placement and get selected, you often have to visit your future employee during the application process. That’s why a lot of the students look for an internship while studying abroad at their favorite destination. While in the destination you have the chance to build up a contact network and get to know interesting organizations. When looking for placement on your own, be active and contact several different organizations. Make sure to look into different resources for information on work permits, visas, accommodation and scholarships.

Volunteering and interning at a charity or non-profit organization

You are welcome to apply independently to Asia Exchange’s charity destinations in Thailand and Indonesia.

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Internship pays off!

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Volunteering in Bali

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