Benefits of studying abroad

Studying abroad in Asia, even if just for a semester or two, is a guaranteed way to expand your worldview, improve your language skills, boost your resume and create international friendships that enrich your life long into the future.

Some students want to go further, however, and opt for a whole degree in Asia. It’s a perfect way of immersing oneself in the Asian way of life for years, gaining perspective into the education system and ways of thinking in Asian countries. After completing the degree, you are fully equipped to work in global settings and as a high-in-demand expert of the largest continent of the world.

The importance of Asia is growing

Asia, the fastest growing economic area in the world, is only going to increase in importance and power in the future. This will be directly reflected in the demand employers have for employees with in-depth knowledge of Asia.

Studying abroad in Asia will not only give you an international academic degree but also educate you to adapt to a new, exotic environment in some of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. In short, a degree abroad is a sure-fire ticket to becoming a competent citizen of the world.

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Complete a BBA or MBA degree at Siam University in Bangkok, Thailand

Complete a Bachelor’s degree in Business at Siam University

The Bachelor’s degree program in International Business at Siam University is a four-year program in Bangkok, Thailand. The International Business Program (IBP) is an excellent way to create a genuinely global mindset and skill set and gain numerous opportunities both for a career and post-graduate/Master’s studies in Business abroad.

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Bangkok, Thailand: Siam University

Complete an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree at Siam University

Studying an MBA degree abroad is an excellent way to expand your career options while creating an international network of colleagues. Siam University offers a chance to study an affordable MBA degree in the vibrant capital city of Bangkok in Thailand. You can also join the program for one or two semesters as an exchange student.

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Bangkok, Thailand: Siam University

Students who have completed a full degree in Asia

After first completing a study abroad semester in Bangkok, Tanja and Paul returned later to complete an MBA degree at Siam University. Read their story on our blog.

“The world has an interesting way of dishing out great experiences to the ones who are passionate about their dreams and want to live up to them.”

– Miia Muukkonen, Finland, studied abroad in Phuket

How Studying Abroad Benefits Your Career

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