Study abroad in Bangkok, Thailand at Rangsit University

Study abroad in Bangkok at one of Thailand’s top private universities and get a headstart into an international career! You can study abroad at Rangsit University for one or two semesters. It’s easy to apply and you’ll get a confirmation of your study placement even in one day.

On this page you’ll find out more about studies, semester dates application deadlines, fees as well as instructions on how to apply.

Semester dates and application deadlines


Semester 2 (Spring)
Semester dates January 7 – May 8
Orientation January 4
Application deadline September 30, 2018


Semester 1 (Autumn)
Semester dates  August 20 – December 21
Orientation  August 17
Application deadline April 30, 2018


Studying abroad at Rangsit University with Asia Exchange

Easy application process

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Affordable tuition fees

Confirmation within 1-10 days

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Find out about studies at Rangsit University

Key facts about Rangsit University

Rangsit University (RSU) has grown to be the leading private university in Thailand. RSU offers a vast array of study programs at all academic levels with a global mindset. It is renowned for its excellence and international teaching standards. Rangsit University campus is located in the Bangkok Metropolitan area, in Pathum Thani province. Find out more about Rangsit University.


Rangsit University
52/347 Muang-Ake
Paholyothin Road
Lak-Hok Pathumthani 12000

University’s website:

Contact person at RSU:

Ms. Roongkan Nedtranon

Studying abroad at Rangsit University

We can help you apply to study abroad in the Bachelor’s and Master’s level programs at Rangsit University’s International College. There is a wide range of courses available in the fields of accounting, communication, information technology, business, tourism and politics. The courses are taught in English. The university also offers a wide range of free time activities to enjoy outside the classroom.

You can join the programs for one or two semesters.

students-walking-rangsit-university - study abroad at rangsit university in bangkok, thailand
International students can take courses at the Rangsit University’s International College.

Who are these programs for?

You need to be currently enrolled at a university or similar institution in your home country to study abroad at Rangsit University.

Like all programs in Bangkok, the study abroad programs at Rangsit University’s International College suit students who are ready to challenge themselves and are interested in pursuing international careers. Studying abroad at a prestigious Thai university allows you not only to expand your knowledge in your chosen field, but also build an international network consisting of both local and international students.

Due to the number of multinational companies’ Asian headquarters located in Bangkok, there is also a large expatriate population that provides further opportunities for networking.

In addition to offering a chance to build your international network, a study abroad period can enhance your creative thinking skills and intercultural awareness. These are considered great assets by many employers on the competitive and globalized job market of today.

Find out about studies, credits and free time activities at Rangsit University as well as information about fees, accommodation and student visa below.

  • Studies

    Below you can find a list of the courses available to international students. Please select courses matching your study background.

    Check that the course is organized during the semester you wish to participate in. You may combine courses from different fields, as long as the schedules don’t overlap.

    Bachelor’s courses

    In the course lists, you can find a six-character course code (e.g. IBM-301). The first digit of the subject code refers to the level of the course: 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year.

    Master’s courses

    Master’s level courses are currently offered only in the following program:

    Students who apply to study Diplomacy and International Studies should have some background in the study field (political sciences, diplomacy, international politics or something similar) and show their interest in the study field in their application. There are 4–6 Master courses offered per semester. Students who have been accepted to the Master’s program can also take Bachelor’s level courses to gain enough credits per semester.

    Master’s level courses are organized on Saturdays and Sundays. Please note that there aren’t any Master’s level courses available during the summer semester. Some courses of the program are taught by former diplomats. At least once a year, there is an excursion to United Nations Building, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or similar.

    Course Descriptions

    See the following documents for brief course descriptions of most of the above programs. You may also choose courses under the label General Education.

    The brief descriptions of all the available programs are in the Rangsit University Handbook. For students with skills in Chinese or Thai, there are programs available in these languages as well. See the Handbook for more information.

    Detailed course schedules and academic calendars will be available at the latest at the beginning of the semester. You may use the schedules for previous semesters as a reference. Keep in mind that the future schedules might differ from those.

    Course schedules

  • Credits per course

    Semesters 1 & 2, autumn and spring

    In semesters 1 and 2 (autumn and spring) students may choose courses with the total worth of 9–18 Thai credits (bachelor level programs) or 6–12 Thai credits (master level program) per semester. Students of the Master program are also allowed to take Bachelor levels courses (including General Education courses) in order to get 18 Thai credits per semester.

    Summer semester

    During the summer semester, students can take courses worth 6–9 credits (bachelor level). The smaller amount of summer semester credits is due to summer semester lasting 2 months whereas the regular autumn and spring semesters last 4 months. Therefore, lectures which are organized once a week during the regular semester are organized twice a week during the summer semester.

    Most courses are worth 3 Thai credits.

    Read more about converting Thai credits.

  • Scholarship student status

    Asia Exchange students are admitted to study at Rangsit University under scholarship student status, which enables the discounted tuition fee. Because of this status, you are asked to participate in some voluntary tasks during the semester. It also means that you have a chance to integrate more deeply into the local community and gain intercultural skills by interacting with the locals. In other words, it’s easier to mingle, find new friends and get more out of your semester. All in all, it makes your study abroad period into a more whole-rounded experience.

    The tasks can consist of e.g. teaching English, helping out at local organizations as well as contributing to the local life in other ways. One of the tasks can be, for example, organizing a movie night or a dance class on campus, with profits going to charity.

  • Activities outside class

    Rangsit University organizes an activity package which is an essential part of the study abroad semester for all RSU students. The package costs 5000 THB (approximately 125 EUR) in total. Half of the fee is covered by Asia Exchange. You’ll pay for the other half (2500 THB) when you register for your classes on the first week. The package covers the following activities:

    • Orientation events
    • Cultural activities and RSU BUDDY program
    • One-day trip to Kanchanaburi Province
    • Homestay with a local family
    • Loy Krathong (lantern floating) festival on campus
    • RSU Rising Star talent contest

    If you’d like to learn more about Thai culture, you can enroll in a “Local Wisdom” class; there will be special class activities about traditional Thai dance/food/ceremonies.

    Check out our blog post about activities at and around Rangsit University campus!

    Bangkok is also one of the best places to call home if you are planning on traveling around South East Asia. Its convenient location and excellent transportation connections make it possible to visit the many beaches, jungles and mountains as well as neighboring countries during the weekends.

  • Student visa

    In order to study abroad in Thailand, you need to apply for a student visa before the start of the semester. Please check the latest news and information about visas before applying for a visa at the Royal Thai Embassy website, where you can also get the required application forms and other information about the application procedure.

    Read more about student visa for Thailand.

  • Rangsit University Accreditation

    Highest category in the quality assurance audits conducted by the Ministry of Education and the Thai Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organization). When established in 1986 as an answer to the shortage of higher education providers in Thailand, Rangsit University – or Rangsit college as it was known back then – had only two faculties and less than 500 students. After becoming a university in 1990, RSU has since grown rapidly. Today it has almost 30 000 students attending 94 undergraduate, 37 graduate and 9 Doctoral degree programs.

    RSU puts great emphasis on providing high-class education and continuously developing its curricula and teaching methods to best match the demands of the modern economic, technological and social climate. The university is fully accredited by the Thai Government’s Commission on Higher education, a part of the Ministry of Education. It is also rated in the highest category in the quality assurance audits conducted by the Ministry of Education and the Thai Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment.

    RSU constantly strives for internationalization by offering various international programs and building its global network that currently holds over 60 leading universities and institutions around the world. More than 500 international students from over 20 countries and several Western professors provide different cultural insights and perspectives on the teaching programs, as well as the campus life. RSU is also a member and the representative of the Asian Region of the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC). Its core values include tolerance and understanding of different views and freedom of expression. RSU aims at creating a just and compassionate society based on equal opportunity for all.

  • Fees

    Tuition fee: 1890 EUR / semester

    Application fee: 75 EUR

    See what’s included in the fees.

    Upon arrival at RSU, students need to pay an activity fee of 2500 THB (approximately 65 EUR / 80 USD). The full activity fee is 5000 THB but Asia Exchange pays for the other half on students’ behalf.

    Are you from outside of Europe? Find out more about the fees.

    Benefits when applying via Asia Exchange

    • Confirmation in 1-7 days (in up to 10 days for students taking courses on Master’s level)
    • Asia Exchange Guide with lots of information about studies, visas, accommodation and other tips
    • Orientation days
    • No English proficiency test required
    • 100 EUR discount when you apply for two semesters.
  • Accommodation

    The university and its surrounding area offer plenty of accommodation options. There are several near-campus dorms available for international students. Both single and double rooms are available. Dorm accommodation must be booked in advance. If you wish to stay in downtown Bangkok, Rangsit University is accessible by public transport.

    Find out more about accommodation options near Rangsit University.

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Student testimonials

default image

"Such a great place to be!"

"Such a great place to be! The campus is extremely huge which is definitely a plus point. The best part is meeting different people from across the world."

Bhakthi, Italy

default image

"I love the campus, it’s huge and you can do everything there"

I would definitely recommend Rangsit University to other students. I love the campus, it’s huge and you can do everything there. They have a gym, swimming pool, different sports facilities, everything! The lectures are good, you make a lot of friends, meet a lot of cool guys who you can hang out with and who show you a lot of cool places.

Robin, Germany

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We are currently not accepting applications to Rangsit University. Please contact us for more details. 

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We are currently not accepting applications to Rangsit University. Please contact us for more details. 

Quick facts

 Level of studies
Bachelor and Master

 Fields of study
Accounting, communication, information technology, business, tourism and politics

 Semester duration
Semester 1 & 2: 4 months
Summer semester: 2 months

Max. credits
ca. 30 ECTS
ca. 15 ECTS (summer semester)

18 US credits
9 US credits (summer semester)

Tuition fee: 1890 EUR
Application fee: 75 EUR

Are you from outside of Europe? Read more about the fees.


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Reasons to choose Rangsit University

Study abroad at one of Thailand’s best and largest private universities.

High-quality programs with students from over 20 countries provide an excellent launch pad for your international career.

Take part in a wide variety of free-time activities, be it golf, swimming, music, football or exploring a world-class library.

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