Study Economics, Engineering, Agriculture & Tourism at Kasetsart University

Take part in an engaging academic semester in the dynamic city of Bangkok! Join the prestigious Kasetsart University and its Student Exchange Program (KUSEP). You can study economics, engineering, agriculture and tourism in the heart of Bangkok. It’s easy to apply and you’ll get a confirmation of your study placement in as little as one day.

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icons_lightgrey-08  Program Overview


Spring (Jan – May),
Autumn (Aug – Dec)


Economics, engineering, tourism, social sciences, languages, tropical agriculture and business administration





ca. 35 ECTS or
ca. 21 US credits



Lectures, assignments,
cultural and business excursions


1790 EUR tuition fee / semester
+ 75 EUR application fee

 Program Highlights

  • Challenge yourself academically at top-rated university praised for its educational standards
  • Expand your knowledge and skills in a variety of fields, including economics, engineering and tourism
  • Gain international experience in one of Asia’s most thrilling cities and explore Thailand in your free time
  • Improve your English, creative thinking and intercultural communication skills
  • Enjoy a variety of free time activities, both in Bangkok and on campus

Find out about courses and studying 

icons_lightgrey-02  Semester dates and application deadlines

Semester dates and application deadlines


Spring* Autumn*
Semester dates January 13 – May 18 tbc
Orientation January 9 – 10 tbc
Application deadline September 30, 2019 April 30, 2020

*) all dates still tentative


Spring Autumn*
Semester dates  January 14 – May 27 August 13 – December 23
Orientation  January 11  August 8 – 9
Application deadline  September 30, 2018 April 30, 2019

*) all dates still tentative

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icons_lightgrey-58 Studying in the Kasetsart University Student Exchange Program

The Kasetsart University Student Exchange Program (KUSEP) is an interdisciplinary exchange program where you can choose courses from many different fields, including economics, business, engineering, tourism and tropical agriculture. This wide range of available courses allows you to build a multidisciplinary schedule tailored to your personal interests and career goals. All the courses are part of the regular degree curricula of the university

Who is this program for?

  • You’re a university student (or similar)
  • You want to challenge yourself academically and expand your knowledge in a variety of fields
  • You want to improve your English and intercultural communication skills
  • You want to get to know people from all over the world.
  • You want to explore the dynamic city of Bangkok in your free time

  • Courses & Studies

    Faculty of Economics

    The study program educates students on several different topics in economics, as well as introducing an Asian perspective to the popular theories. In order to apply for economics courses, students must have had prior studies in economics at least as a minor subject.

    Please see the listings of available courses in Economics:

    The syllabi are exemplary and available for most courses. The remaining syllabi are handed out at the latest at the beginning of lectures. The Faculty of Business Administration also offers a few courses such as International Business. More information about course choices will be available at the destination at the beginning of the semester.

    Faculty of Business Administration

    The International Program in Marketing (KUBIM) offers studies in business administration with special emphasis on marketing. The lesson plan and course descriptions can be found below. Please note that the course selection may change without prior notice.

    Faculty of Engineering

    The International Undergraduate Program (IUP) for Engineering at Kasetsart University divides into 6 different sub-fields. Course lists and course descriptions are available below. Please note that the course selection may change without prior notice. Newest course lists will be distributed at the beginning of the semester.

    Mechanical Engineering
    Electrical-Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering
    Software and Knowledge Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Environmental Engineering
    Industrial Engineering

    Faculty of Tourism

    Kasetsart University International Integrated Tourism Management (KITMAN) offers studies in tourism as well as sciences, social sciences, languages, humanities, and physical education. The program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of tourism-related theories and practices.

    Faculty of Agriculture

    Faculty of Agriculture offers a wide selection of courses in the field of agriculture. The faculty is one of the finest on its field – Kasetsart University is ranked as the 4th best university in Asia in the subject of agriculture, and the 29th best in the world (QS World University Rankings 2017).

    The syllabi presented here are exemplary. More up-to-date syllabi will be distributed at the beginning of the lectures.

    General information

    • Thai language course is mandatory for all KUSEP students.
    • The courses in the KUSEP program are part of the university’s official degree curricula. As an Asia Exchange student, you will be attending courses together with local and international students pursuing a full degree at Kasetsart University.
    • There are also some courses that are meant especially for exchange students.
    • During some semesters, there have been tennis, golf and weightlifting courses available as well.
    • For some Economics and Engineering courses, you have to prove your knowledge of the topic in order to take part in the course. This is typically done at the beginning of the semester, on-site in Bangkok.
    • The university requires students to take at least three courses during a semester.
    • All the courses have an attendance requirement of at least 80 %. Students failing to comply with this requirement risk having their student visas canceled by the university.
    • Some of the courses also include business and cultural visits. The visits are equally obligatory as normal classes.
    • The courses are taught by lecturers with international experience and typically degrees completed abroad.
    • The semesters start with an orientation after which you will attend classes usually on 3-4 days a week.

    Course syllabi

    • Use the syllabi and course descriptions when presenting your study plan to your home institution. This will help them to decide how to transfer credits and grant scholarships. Detailed syllabi will be circulated on the lectures.
    • You will select your final courses when in Bangkok and present them to the university. This means you don’t have to make your final decision when applying. Please note that courses from different faculties may be organized at the same time.
    • As in all universities around the world, changes in course offering and course dates are possible without prior notice.
    • The third last digit of the longer course codes in the course catalogs refers to the level of the course, i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year. For example, the course 01205305 ‘Digital Circuits and Microcontrollers’ is a third-year course.
  • Credits

    One course at Kasetsart University is worth 3 Thai credits which most of the time translates into 5 ECTS/3 US credits (including lectures, assignments, preparing for exams and completing them, field work and company visits). There are 3 lecture hours and 6 self-study hours per week. You can take up to 7 courses during a semester. You can gain up to 35 ECTS/21 US credits in total. Read more about credit conversion.

  • Activities outside class

    Kasetsart University also offers its international students many activities during the semester. These include trips within the Bangkok metropolitan area, Thai cooking and language classes, sports days and the Kasetsart University Buddy Program. Bangkok is also one of the best places to call home if you are planning on traveling around South East Asia. Its convenient location and excellent transportation connections make it possible to visit the many beaches, jungles, and mountains as well as neighboring countries during the weekends.

  • Fees

    Tuition fee: 1790 EUR / semester Application fee: 75 EUR. See what’s included in the fees. Are you from outside of Europe? Find out more about the fees.

    Benefits when applying via Asia Exchange

    • Confirmation even in one day
    • Asia Exchange Guide with lots of information about studies, visas, accommodation and other tips
    • Orientation days
    • No English proficiency test required
    • 100 EUR discount when you apply for two semesters.
  • About Kasetsart University

    The state-owned Kasetsart University is one of Thailand’s most prestigious universities. Kasetsart University (KU) is an active participant in student and researcher exchange around the world. KU has bilateral agreements with several European institutions of higher education as well. Read more about Kasetsart University.


    Kasetsart University, Bangkhen Campus International Studies Center 50 Ngam Wong Wan Rd. Chatuchak, Bangkok, 10900 Thailand

    University’s website:

    Contact person at the university:

    Mr. Krishna Parntang (Management and Administrative Officer)

    University Accreditations

    • Ministry of Education in Thailand
    • International Association of Universities (IAU)
    • One of the top 5 universities in Thailand
    • Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL)
    • ASEAN-European University Network (ASEA UNINET)
    • The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

icons_lightgrey-13  Apply to study abroad at Kasetsart University


Get the required documents
(see list below)


Fill out and submit the online application form together with the required documents


You’ll get a confirmation of your study placement within 1-7 days

  • Flexible application: You can apply even if you’re not yet certain of your plans. Cancel at no extra cost up to 1 month before the semester starts.
  • When you apply for two semesters: 100 EUR discount on the second semester
  • Get access to comprehensive information materials such as an Asia Exchange Guide and an interactive orientation webinar after you apply.

  • Who can apply

    Minimum requirements

    • A minimum age of 18 years
    • You must be currently enrolled at an institution of higher education (university, university of applied sciences or similar)
    • To follow the instruction, you should have sufficient English skills (B2 level). No language test is required, however.

    See the additional requirements.

  • Required attachments
    • An official transcript of records in English (stamped by your home institution)
    • A copy of the identification page of your passport. The passport must be valid for a minimum of six months after arriving in Thailand.  A passport with validity of 18 months has sometimes been required when applying for a one-year Multiple Entry Visa. Please note this also when sending Asia Exchange your application for the study abroad program.
    • A letter of recommendation from a member of staff at your home institution (e.g. a teacher, a professor or an assistant). Your home university must affirm clearly that you have sufficient English skills and you are able to communicate fluently in English. You can find an example of a letter of recommendation here. The letter is informal and can be different from the example.
  • Application instructions
    • Scan all the required attachments to your computer in PDF format.
    • Fill out the online application form below and submit it with the required attachments.

    Uploading and submitting the attachments

    • Please upload the attachments in PDF format.
    • If possible, please submit all the attachments together with the application. If you’re missing some attachment(s) when you first apply, you can send the missing document(s) later. However, please note that we won’t process applications without any attachments whatsoever.
    • All attachments must be sent to us within 30 days of submitting the application or by the application deadline at the very latest.
    • You can submit all the documents electronically. Please don’t send anything via regular mail.
    • There is a late application fee for applications or attachments submitted after the application deadline.

    Confirmation, official acceptance letter and visa

    You’ll get a confirmation of your study placement in 1-7 days, starting from the day your application is complete with all the required documents. You’ll receive the official acceptance letter 1.5 months before the semester starts at the latest. We’ll send it to the street address you have provided in your application. Please let us know if this address changes at any point. You need the official acceptance letter to apply for a student visa.


    The application fee invoice will be sent to you soon after the initial acceptance letter. This fee will be due within 10 days of receiving your confirmation. The application fee is non-refundable even if you decide to cancel (see below). You’ll receive the invoice for the tuition fee about 2.5 months before the semester starts.


    If you’re unable to participate in the study abroad semester, you have the right to cancel your participation up to 1 month before the semester starts with no extra cost (the application fee will not be refunded, however). Let us know about your cancellation by writing us an email at info[at] Cancellations notified via phone, SMS or by any other means will not be considered. For more detailed information on our cancellation policy, please see terms and conditions for cancellation. We also reserve the right to cancel your participation if any of your fees becomes overdue. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

    Travel insurance

    You are required to have a valid accident and health insurance from your home country for the whole duration of the program. The university may request a copy of the insurance certificate at the beginning of the semester. See our recommended travel insurance providers.

Apply now to Kasetsart University

icons_lightgrey-14 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Studies & Schedules

    Q: Should I choose my courses before the semester starts? You can prepare a learning agreement if your home university requires you to do so, but Kasetsart University does not ask for your course selections until the first week of the semester. During the first week, you can participate in as many lectures as you wish and then submit your final course selections at the end of the first week.

    Q: Are there mandatory courses? A: Yes, Thai language course is mandatory for all students in the KUSEP program.

    Q: What is the required minimum attendance? A: You must attend a minimum of 80 % of lectures and all mandatory workshops/excursions.

  • Everyday Conduct

    Q: Will I wear a school uniform? A: Yes. The upper part is a white-collar shirt. Women wear a black skirt and men wear black trousers. Our students have told us that they got used to wearing it after two days (at the latest), and that it’s very practical – you’re spared the trouble of choosing suitable clothes in the morning!

  • Visa & Travel

    Q: What is the correct type of visa for studying in Thailand? A: It’s called “Non-immigrant visa ED”.

    Q: When can I apply for my visa? A: After you have received your official acceptance letter. That happens at the latest one month before the semester starts, but it can be even earlier. The visa process often takes only 4-5 working days. Read our general visa instructions here.

  • Accommodation

    Q: How can I find suitable accommodation options? A: Read our accommodation tips for Bangkok here. We will also send you our Asia Exchange Guide with additional tips. Most students decide to stay near Kasetsart University campus; it is a nice and inexpensive neighbourhood.

    Q: Should I book accommodation in advance or after arriving in Bangkok? A: It is completely up to you. Most students prefer checking the accommodation options in person after arrival.

  • Health & Safety

    Q: Which vaccinations do I need to take? A: In addition to the basic vaccinations (MMR and diphtheria-tetanus), travelers are most often advised to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B. Vaccinations always depend partly on the individual, so remember to consult your physician.

    Q: Do I need to have a travel insurance? A: You are required to have a valid accident and health insurance from your home country for the whole duration of the program. The university may request a copy of the insurance certificate in the beginning of the semester. See our recommended travel insurance providers.

  • Costs

    Q: What kind of costs should I be prepared for? A: In addition to tuition fees, you should be prepared to pay for the student visa, flights, accommodation and other living costs. The cost of living is relatively low in Bangkok. The real costs depend on your individual lifestyle. Find a list of general living costs here. Read more about budgeting your study abroad semester.

  • Documents

    Q: I need to have my learning agreement/certificate of enrollment signed. What should I do? A: Please fill the document and send it to

    Q: When will I receive my Official Acceptance Letter? The official letter of acceptance will be delivered to you 1.5 months before the semester starts at the latest. We’ll send it to the street address you have provided in your application. Please let us know if this address changes at any point.

    Q: When will I receive my Transcript of Records? A: The university prepares and sends the transcripts of records usually within 2-3 months after the end of the semester

See other frequently asked questions

icons_lightgrey-04 Student Experiences of Studying at Kasetsart University

What students have said

default image

"Great way to make friends"

I’m very, very pleased to have been able to study in the same class as the Thai students. It’s a great way to make friends and see what student life here is actually like.

Arto, Finland

default image

“A student gets to know the local culture better than a tourist”

Being a student at Kasetsart University, which is a world-class university, allowed me to get to know and enjoy every single aspect of Thai life & culture. Even though I studied hard, I had also time to visit other South-East Asian countries. A student gets to know locals and the culture much better than a tourist. I heard each and every student saying ‘I will come back here as soon as possible’.

Angela Carella, Italy

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icons_lightgrey-59  Ask Former Students

Ask our former students for practical hints and tips about living abroad, travel arrangements, and what the everyday life at the study destination was like.

Bangkok was maybe the best time of my life and if you want to discover your personality and South East Asia from a different side, it will be the perfect choice for you!

Marius, Germany (

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