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Application deadline on October 31st

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea

Why study in Seoul, Korea?

Seoul is one of Asia’s most modern and developed cities. It is considered the flagship city of the Asian Tigers, the miracles of Asian economic development. In Seoul, cutting-edge technology meets ancient traditions: it is home both to the technology giants Samsung and LG as well as several UNESCO world heritage sites.

The Hankuk University of Foreign Studies is well known for its high-quality curriculum in international studies and globalization, and teaches as many as 40+ languages. Many of the movers and shakers in South Korean business and politics have graduated from the university. It’s therefore no surprise that the Hankuk University is a highly popular for completing a study abroad semester or even a full degree. It has the highest ratio of international students in Korea.

Exchange students have voted Hankuk University’s exchange program as the best in Korea, and the university takes great care in offering its international students the best study abroad experience possible.

Program details

Semester duration: February – June (3 1/2 months)
 What you can study: Languages, Asian Studies, International Studies, Education, Business, Economics, Law, Social Sciences
 Max. credits you can get (ECTS): ca. 30

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Application deadline on November 30th

Shanghai University in Shanghai, China

Why study in Shanghai, China?

Situated on the mouth of the Yangtze River, Shanghai serves as the most influential economic, financial and cultural center in East China. Shanghai represents the most modern edge of today’s China, where you can feel the pulse of both ancient tradition and the modern drive for progress. The city’s complex past has shaped it into a meeting point of East and West, attracting both travelers and expats alike who wish to experience its multicultural flair and take hold of the many opportunities it offers.

The international study abroad program at Shanghai University offers an excellent gateway into understanding the language, culture and economy of a country with an increasingly central role on the global stage.

Program details

 Semester duration: March – May (3 months)
 What you can study: Chinese Language, Communication, Economics, International Relations, Social Sciences
 Max. credits you can get (ECTS): 30 ECTS

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Application deadline on December 7th

Otemon Gakuin University in Osaka, Japan

Students at Otemon Gakuin University in Japan

Why study in Osaka, Japan?

Asia Exchange’s study abroad program takes you to Ibaraki, which is a suburban city of Osaka City and part of the larger Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe metropolitan area. Experience a unique blend of modern and traditional Japan, from the traditional temples of the nearby Kyoto to the bustling metropolitan life of Osaka.

Studying abroad at Otemon Gakuin University allows you to learn Japanese language and culture not only in the classroom, but also through immersing yourself in the Japanese way of life firsthand through the special home-stay program.

 Semester duration: Beginning of April –  End of July (5 months)
 What you can study:Japanese language, Culture, Economics, Social Sciences
  Max. credits you can get (ECTS): 20 + Japanese language course

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Application deadline on December 31st

Warmadewa University in Bali, Indonesia

The most recent addition to our study abroad programs in Bali, Warmadewa University‘s Warmadewa International Program introduces you to a broad variety of topics, ranging from Indonesian language and culture to tourism and strategic management. It provides you with an in-depth look at the next rising star of the South-East Asian region. Regardless of your study background, the program can provide you with an interesting complement to your major studies and open up new intriguing perspectives. The program is open for both international and local students, which gives you the chance to build an international network and get to know the local culture firsthand.

Program details

Semester duration: April – July (4 months)
 What you can study: Language, Culture, Tourism, Business, Marketing, Law, Environment, Political Science
 Max. credits you can get (ECTS): 36

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How to apply

Applying to our partner universities in Asia is easy. Just fill out the online application form that you can find on the above pages and submit it with the required attachments before the application deadline. You will receive a confirmation of your study placement within a one week (exception: Master-level students and degree-seeking students applying to Rangsit University). You can find a detailed description of the application process here.

Who can apply to these programs?

You can find the eligibility criteria here or on the above pages.

The benefits of applying via Asia Exchange

  • Discounted tuition fees
  • Quick, easy and secure application process, with confirmation as quickly as within a week (depending on the university)
  • Extensive guidance and information materials (customer service, Asia Exchange Guides, orientation webinars, orientation at the destination)
  • Possibility to apply together with a friend or a group of friends


We are happy to answer any questions you might have about applying, courses, fees, visa and more. Just write to us at or fill out this contact form.

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