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Applying for a Malaysian student visa (Student Pass) is more difficult than applying for the student visa of many other countries. Please note that the visa application process and the list of the required documents may change at any time! Please keep this in mind when choosing your study abroad destination. Make sure to get the latest information on the visa regulations directly from the Malaysian embassy in your home country. Getting a visa to a foreign country should never be taken for granted and cannot be guaranteed by Asia Exchange in any way. Please also refer to our terms and conditions.

Applying for a student visa for Malaysia may be very difficult and expensive for students who come from countries other than United Kingdom, Japan, USA, Australia, South Korea, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey due to a relatively complicated pre-arrival medical check-up.

All students studying abroad in Malaysia are required to apply for a student visa. Studying as a tourist on a Social Pass is not possible.

Please note that it is not possible to extend the 6-month Student Pass. If you wish to study for another semester at UPM, you must return to your home country and start the application process again. If you are thinking of applying for two semesters at UPM, you should apply for both at once, so that you can apply for the 1-year visa.

Please don’t book your flights before you know when your visa is going to be ready. You should not arrive in Malaysia earlier than 1 week before the semester starts so that you have enough time to apply for the Single Entry visa in your home country. Please note that it is NOT possible to arrive in Malaysia before you have eVAL and SEV. It is not possible to come to study on a tourist visa either. As the semester dates may change and there might be a delay with your visa, we recommend booking flights with flexible dates.

Application process

The Malaysian visa application process consists of 3 steps:

1. Electronic Visa Approval Letter application (eVAL)
2. Single Entry Visa application (SEV)
3. Student Pass application (the actual student visa)

1. Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL)

Before being eligible for applying for a student visa, students must apply for an electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) through EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services) and pay the processing fee to EMGS. In addition, students need to pay a separate visa processing fee (270 MYR) to Universiti Putra Malaysia once they have arrived in Malaysia. You can start the eVAL application process right after you have received the Official Acceptance Letter (Offer Letter) from Universiti Putra Malaysia. The processing time for the eVAL application is about 5–8 weeks. If you want to receive notifications of your eVAL, we recommend you to download the EMGS Mobile App. You can also track your eVAL application status on the EMGS website with your passport number and nationality.

Please prepare the following documents for your eVAL application:

  1. The Official Acceptance Letter from the host university (Offer Letter)
  2. Initial Acceptance Letter from Asia Exchange
  3. Confirmation Letter from Home University
  4. 4 passport size photos with snow white background (instructions). The background must look almost like photoshopped. Please use this tool to check whether a passport photo fulfills the requirements of Student Visa Application through EMGS.
  5. Copies of Passport Pages which contain the following:
    a) Passport Information Page
    b) Observation Page (Extensions, Clarifications of Name and Previous Passport Numbers)
    c) All Visa Information
  6. Medical Examination Report or Declaration of Health Status*
    Attend pre-arrival medical screening at EMGS registered clinics. In the event that there is no EMGS registered clinic available, the student can download the Medical Examination Report from the EMGS website and proceed to attend the medical screening in a non-registered clinic. The Medical Examination Report should be filled out by the examining doctor and a scanned copy should be submitted to the institution.

*Students who are citizens of the countries that are listed below are exempted from pre-arrival medical screening. The countries are United Kingdom, Japan, USA, Australia, South Korea, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. In place of the Medical Examination Report, students from the above countries will be required to submit a declaration of their health status. However, all students will be required to attend a medical screening once they have arrived in Malaysia.

2. Single Entry Visa (SEV)

Once the eVAL has been issued, please download it online and continue with the process by applying for a Single Entry Visa from your own country’s Malaysian embassy. Please note that it is not possible to apply for this visa outside your home country.  For this reason, please don’t leave your home country earlier than 1 week before the semester starts. Visa fees may occur, depending on the embassy. The processing time for visa applications varies based on the country and the embassy so please make sure you deliver your application to the embassy swiftly. Please check the required attachments for the visa application with your local embassy since the details may vary in different countries.  All of the steps need to be completed before arriving in Malaysia.

3. Student Pass (the actual student visa)

All students will be required to attend a medical screening once they have arrived in Malaysia. After the Single Entry Visa has been issued and you have arrived in Malaysia, you must submit your passport and a Letter of Health Endorsement from the UPM Health Care to Universiti Putra Malaysia in order to get the final student visa from EMGS. This will take around 2 – 4 weeks. Please note that you must not leave the country during this phase, otherwise the whole process must be started again. The final student visa is a Multiple Entry Visa which allows you to travel outside Malaysia during the semester.

Please note that eVAL (Electronic Visa Approval Letter) and SEV (Single Entry Visa) are not the Student Pass (Student Visa).

Cancelling the visa

Malaysian student visa needs to be cancelled a few weeks before the semester ends. Please pay the processing fee to EMGS and UPM and go to the International Office with your passport, payment receipt and flight ticket. UPM will then proceed with your application (max 2 weeks). Failing to submit cancellation, you may have problems entering Malaysia in the future to study. During the visa cancellation process traveling outside Malaysia is not possible, because your passport is needed elsewhere.

Visa fees

The student is responsible for acquiring a student visa as well as paying for the costs. Overall, the student visa process costs approximately 1100 MYR depending on student’s home country. Please note that the EMGS and UPM processing fees are non-refundable. Additional visa fees may occur when applying for a Single Entry Visa, depending on the embassy. Additional fees may also occur when cancelling the visa.

Students are required to purchase an EMGS insurance in Malaysia. Usually students purchase AIA or AXA insurance. Please find more information about the insurances on the EMGS website.

Please note that the visa application process and the list of the required documents may change at any time! We will send you more detailed information later by email.

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