Earning credits while studying abroad in New Zealand

Credits are granted in local credit points and can be cross-credited to ECTS credits on the discretion of the sending institution. Most courses are worth 15 local credit points which correspond to 7,5 ECTS.

In Diploma, Bachelor and Graduate Diploma Programmes you can choose courses worth 60 local credits (30 ECTS) in semester 1 (April – July) and semester 2 (August – December). In the summer semester (January – March), the maximum number of credits is 30 local credits (15 ECTS). Usually students take 4 courses (semesters 1 and 2) or 1 course (summer term). Adding a second course to summer term choices is possible if IPU agrees with the workload. For visa purposes, the minimum number of courses is 3 during semester 1 and semester 2.

In Postgraduate Diploma Programme you are allowed to take a maximum of 2 courses per term (each course worth 30 local credits/15 ECTS) on semester 1 (April – July) and semester 2 (August – December). On the summer term (January – March), you are allowed to take one course worth 30 local credits (15 ECTS). Adding more courses to Semester 1 or 2 choices is possible if IPU agrees with the workload.

In Master Programme you choose one course out of the four options worth 90 local credits (45 ECTS) and lasting the whole academic year.


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