Earning credits while studying abroad in Indonesia

The credits at Udayana University and Warmadewa University are granted directly as ECTS credits. Warmadewa University can also grant credits directly as US credits. Most courses are worth 5 ECTS credits, which typically convert to 3 US credits. In the Warmadewa International Summer Exchange program the courses are worth 3 ECTS each (1.80 US credits).

Host University Number of courses ECTS US credits
Udayana University (BIPAS) 4–7 18–36 10,5–21
Warmadewa University (WIP) 3–7 16–36 9–21
Warmadewa University (BBF) 3–6 15–30 9–18
Undiknas University 3–6 15–30 9–18
Warmadewa International Summer Exchange 1–4 3–12 1.80–7.2

At European universities, students usually take about 20-30 ECTS credits per semester as well. Most of the courses in the Indonesian programs are Bachelor level courses. In Indonesia, the Bachelor level is also called the ‘Sarjana 1’ level. Find out more about higher education in Indonesia.

At both universities, the total scope of a Bachelor’s degree is 144 Indonesian credits. One Indonesian credits requires 16 hours of work. The length of the Bachelor’s program is four years and a total of 8 semesters. The minimum requirement per semester is 18 Indonesian credits. Local students generally accomplish 6 courses per semester.

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