Earning credits while studying abroad in China

Guangzhou University

At Guangzhou University, one credit equals 18 hours of lectures. When considering the workload, students should also remember to take into account the time and effort required for independent studies, exercises, group work assignments, business visits, preparing for quizzes and exams and the quizzes and exams themselves: thereby the overall workload required for one credit becomes greater. One credit completed at Guangzhou University most often converts to 1.5 ECTS credits or 1 U.S. credit.

The conversion is determined by the relationship between the total scope of a local study degree measured in credits and the time it takes to complete it, set against the European standard attainment of 60 credits per academic year. At GU the scope of a degree is 150 local credit points, with the completion time of 4 years. 150 divided by four years amounts to 37,5 local credits per academic year. The European yearly goal of 60 ECTS divided 37,5 gives the coefficient 1,6. 18 credits (the scope of the program) x 1,6 = 29 ECTS.

The following grading system is used at Guangzhou University:

Marks Grading
90–100 A
80–89 B
70–79 C
60–69 D

Local students usually accomplish 6 courses per semester.

Shanghai University

The credits in Shanghai University’s study abroad program are issued directly in ECTS. Remember to ask your home institution about transferring credits. There are no learning agreement transit via Asia Exchange. Please take the copies of your learning agreement with you when you go to Shanghai. Please note the choice of courses you are planning to do in Shanghai is to be decided between you and your home university.

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