The Easy Way to Study Abroad

We can help you apply to study abroad in 8 different Asian destinations and New Zealand conveniently and affordably. Whether you want to complete one or two semesters, take part in a summer school session or even get a full degree abroad, we have made the application process as smooth as possible. 

The whole application process happens completely online. You only fill out an application form on our website, submit it with a few attachments, and you’re good to go!

You’ll get a confirmation of your study placement even in one day, or at most in a week. After you get your confirmation, it’s a done deal – you can then just focus on travel preparations and the life-changing experiences ahead.




Choose destination, university & program



Submit application



Get confirmation
as quickly as in a day



Make travel preparations



Payment, official acceptance letter and visa



Arrival and orientation

6 Steps to Life-Changing Experiences

1. Choose a destination, university and program

Choose a destination, university and program that suits you best. The following links will help you make your choice:

If you still have hard time deciding, feel free to contact us!

Tip: If you’re currently studying at a university, college or some other institution of higher education, it’s good to confirm your study abroad plans with them first. Take a look at the course offering of the university you’re interested in on our website and create a study plan that you can present to your institution.This way you’ll already know if the study credits you earn abroad can be counted towards your degree at home.

2. Apply easily online

Get the required attachments for the university or program of your choice. See the list of required attachments by university and program here or on the application page of each university below.

Fill out the application for the university or program of your choice through the links below. Please read the applications instructions carefully before you apply.

In the application form, indicate whether you want to study for one or two semesters or complete a full degree (if available). If you wish, you can even combine two destinations or universities to a whole year abroad. It’s possible to apply for a second semester later on as well.*

List of universities and programs
Destination University
Bali, Indonesia Udayana University
Warmadewa University (full semester and summer school)
Bangkok, Thailand Rangsit University
Kasetsart University
Siam University (both BBA and MBA programs, semester and full degree)
Phuket, Thailand Prince of Songkla University
Shanghai, China Shanghai University
Seoul, Korea Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (full semester and summer school)
Taipei, Taiwan Shih Chien University
Palmerston North, New Zealand IPU New Zealand

*If you are thinking of applying for two semesters at Universiti Putra Malaysia, you should apply for both at once, so that you can apply for the 1-year visa student visa.

3. Confirmation of study placement

We will process your application in 1-3 working days on average. We will then send you an email confirming your study abroad placement. In the email you can find your initial acceptance letter and further instructions.

Soon after you get the initial acceptance letter, we will send you an invoice for the application fee.

Then you’re ready to…

4. Get prepared

After receiving your confirmation email and initial acceptance letter you can begin your travel preparations. Here are some useful links:

Please note however that you cannot apply for a student visa at this stage yet – that comes later after you get your official acceptance letter (see below).

Funding & scholarships

If you need to apply for funding, do so early. Visit our scholarship page for more information on scholarship resources.

Asia Exchange Guide

With your initial acceptance letter that confirms your study placement we will also send a link to the Asia Exchange Guide for your destination.This Guide has more accommodation resources and much more besides. You will get the most up-to-date version of the Guide about 2 months before the semester.

5. Pay tuition fee, official acceptance letter & visa

You’ll get the invoice for the tuition fee about 2.5 months before the start of the semester.

You’ll also get the host university’s official acceptance letter a month before the semester starts at the latest. The letter will be sent to the street address you wrote in your application, so keep us updated if you happen to move.

The official acceptance letter is what you can use to apply for a student visa. Depending on the destination, applying for the visa might take from a few days up to a couple of weeks. See our visa pages for more information on how and when to apply for a visa.

6. Arrival and orientation

Ready, set, go! Once you have your student visa in hand, you’re good to go! Pack your backs, throw a farewell party and step into the best adventure of your life! We recommend you to arrive in time for the orientation, where you will learn how to navigate in the everyday academic life of your host university.

Keep your friends posted! Let your friends and family know about your adventures by writing a student blog. Be active, take part in your classes and learn everything you can both in- and outside of the classroom. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so make the most of it!

Who can apply?

Each of our partner universities and their programs have different requirements for applicants. Find out more about the minimum requirements here.

Other questions?

See other frequently asked questions about the application process.

“We wanted to thank you already for you excellent services! Every question has been quickly and thoroughly answered! Light-heartedly, we are heading towards new and unforgettable experiences via Asia Exchange.”

– Ilkka and Erika (Finland), studied abroad in Phuket, Thailand

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