Study and Travel During a Gap Year in Asia

If you’re fresh out of high school or college and your future plans are still unclear, studying abroad during your gap year is the perfect way to give your life a new direction! During a gap year you get to know a new culture, gain valuable international experience, learn a new language and expand your world-view. If you haven’t lived abroad on your own before, going abroad helps you become more independent. When the gap year ends, you’ll have a better sense of who you are and what you want from your life.

While there are many things you could do during your gap year, like backpacking, doing an internship or volunteering, one of the best things you can do is to study abroad for one semester or even a full year. Why? You will…

  • learn new things and discover a study field you’re interested in
  • gain credits that you can later include into your degree
  • be able to travel around and do voluntary work on the side
  • do something important while exploring the world – you’re not wasting your time!
  • make new friends from all over the world

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Why study for your gap year in Asia?

The Asian continent has some of the most exotic and diverse cultures in the world. In a world that grows more and more interconnected every year and with Asian countries as powerful key players, there’s more and more demand for experts in Asian languages, economies and ways of life.

The combination of fascinating cultures and amazing landscapes makes Asia a highly popular destination to spend a gap year in. This means that you’ll always run into cool things to do, like exploring the unique natural wonders, meeting the locals and getting to know their culture, as well as meeting other travelers from all over the world.

When you choose to study abroad during your gap year, you’ll be able to combine academics and earning credits with travel and life-changing experiences. You will study interesting subjects, you will live your life to the full, and you will learn things about the world and yourself that will unlock countless opportunities for your future. When you’re older, you’ll look back and see what a great impact your gap year studies have made on your life, and wonder where you would be if you hadn’t made that choice.

Spending a gap year abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Make the most of it by studying abroad in Asia!

Ready? Choose your favorite gap year destination in Asia and find out more:

Frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to study abroad during my gap year?

Our tuition fees start from 1650 EUR per semester. On top of that, you pay a non-refundable application fee 50 or 75 EUR. Other costs not included in the above fees are accommodation, visa, insurance, flights etc. which depend on the destination. We help you with finding an accommodation and any other questions you might have. Please find more information about the program costs on the above pages.

Why should I choose Asia Exchange for my gap year studies?

Our study abroad programs are among the most affordable you can find. We’re dedicated to helping you spend the best possible gap year, because we know what an amazing experience it is and what a difference it can make in your life. Since 2007 we’ve helped more than 5000 students from 60+ different countries study abroad in Asia. All of our employees have studied or worked abroad in Asia or other parts of the world, so we know what it’s like!

Are you interested in learning more? Read about our gap year experiences in our blog.

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