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People observing the cherry blossoms. The pathway is covered in colourful umbrellas

Top 6 Places for Cherry Blossom in Korea

Spring is creeping in, which means it’s time for cherry blossoms! This beautiful flower is the national flower of Japan, but you can spot them…

Traditional architecture in South Korea surrounded by trees

Top 5 Reasons To Study in South Korea

If you are fortunate to get the chance to study abroad, why not choose South Korea? Creative Korea offers so much to see and do. To make…

Traditional Korean village during olympics with a temple at the top of a hill

Combine Olympics and Study Abroad Semester in Korea!

PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018 On Spring 2018 you can have the unique chance to not only participate to the study abroad program in Hankuk University,…

Orange, pink full moon during night in Seoul.

Have a Wonderful Korean Thanksgiving Day!

Traditional Korean Feast of plentiful Harvest, Chuseok Chuseok, Harvest festival (Korean Thanksgiving Day), is just around the corner. It is one of the most important…


Jeju Island – South Korea’s Hidden Gem

Most of us know Seoul and other metropolitan cities in South Korea, but many don’t know about the hidden gem, Jeju Island. It has been…


Snapchat Takeover – Sari, Seoul

Last week one of our students took over our Snapchat channel to share her life in beautiful Seoul where she is doing her study abroad…

Hundreds of neon lights in Korea during night time

5 things you didn’t know about South Korea!

Last week we took a look at oddities in Japanese culture – and now is the time for South Korea. Koreans, being right next door to…


Exchange students head to Korea to find Seoul

Seoul in Korea is certainly one of the top study abroad destinations in the whole world for anyone interested in high technology and Asia as…


South Korea leading the world in innovation

Known to many by their global multinational conglomerates such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG, South Korea has ranked first in the 2016 Bloomberg Innovation Index….


Wojciech in Seoul (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

Wojciech studied abroad at Hankuk University of Foreign Students in Seoul, South Korea. He comes originally from Poland and studied at the Mikciewicz University. Read…

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