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Vaihdosta palanneet opiskelijamme tietävät, millaista on oikeasti opiskella ja elää Aasiassa. Jos olet vasta harkitsemassa lähteväsi vaihtoon Aasiaan, alla olevat entiset opiskelijat jakavat mielellään kokemuksiaan kanssasi.

Vinkkejä ja neuvoja vaihtoon

Älä epäröi olla yhteydessä alla oleviin opiskelijoihin, jos haluat kuulla vaihdosta opiskelijan näkökulmasta. He antavat käytännön vinkkejä ja neuvovat, miten saat vaihtojaksostasi kaiken irti!

  • Kasetsart University - Bangkok, Thaimaa

    Marius Bangkok profile picture round

    Nimi: Marius Heuel
    Kotipaikka: Dortmund, Saksa
    Kielet: englanti, saksa

    Don´t understand it as a phrase, but Bangkok was maybe the best time of my life and if you want to discover your personality and south-east-Asia from a different side, it will be the perfect choice for you!

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  • Siam University - Bangkok, Thaimaa

    Laurens Asia Ambassador profile picture round

    Nimi: Laurens
    Kotipaikka: Saksa
    Kielet: Englanti, Saksa

    ”Hey Guys! Every day we think about ripples of opportunities and just let them go instead of catching them up. That was why I decided to grab the chance with the help of Asia Exchange and went to Thailand. My exchange at the Siam University was a wonderful grip about educational rhythm of study with multiple learning in different ways and different land. It is for open-minded students who looking for unfolding not only books but the people who live World apart. It worked so well for me, physically and mentally. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.”

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  • Prince of Songkla University - Phuket, Thaimaa

    Angelina in Phuket Profile picture

    Nimi: Angelina
    Kotipaikka: Saksa
    Kielet: saksa, englanti, ranska

    Studying at the Prince of Songkla University in Thailand was so far the best experience abroad of my life. I am more than grateful that I got this opportunity. It gave me an insight into a completely different world and I gained amazing experiences and friendships during my time. If you have any questions or you are not sure if Thailand is the right destination for your semester abroad, just let me know, I am more than happy to help you out.” 

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    Nimi: Josh
    Kotipaikka: Boston, Yhdysvallat
    Kielet: englanti

    “Hey guys! Studying in Phuket was an absolute dream. The people are so friendly, the scenery amazing, and the food spicy… but yummy! As I was first contemplating going abroad, Germany was my first choice. While I was thinking it over, a friend came up to me and invited me to go with him to Phuket. I’m so glad I went with him because the experience was priceless. I got to meet so many interesting people and explore places I didn’t know even existed. If you are having a similar problem figuring out where to go, I’d love to talk with you and convince you to go to Phuket” 

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  • Udayana University - Bali, Indonesia

    Nimi: Malin Fuchs
    Kotipaikka: Tukholma, Ruotsi
    Kielet: Englanti, Ruotsi

    “The decision to go to study in Bali has been the best decision in my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity and the memories I made will last forever. The people I met, the nature I explored and everything between has been unbelievable! If you want to learn more about yourself, about another culture and about life itself, go to study in Bali. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about studying or life in Bali!.”

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    Nimi: Guillermo
    Kotipaikka: Mexico City
    Kielet: englanti, espanja

    “Hey everyone! I’m the crazy Mexican that decided to change my life and went studying to Bali, and trust me it has been among the best decisions of my life. Please feel free to be curious and send me an email regarding any doubt you may have!”

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    Nimi: Dijana Čataković
    Kotipaikka: Slovenia
    Kielet: sloveeni, englanti, kroatia, bosnia, serbia

    “I was always dreaming about living next to Ocean. Decision to move to Bali made my dreams come true. I was able to surf, hike volcanoes, do cliff climbing, dive, sleep under full moon and beautiful stars in my hammock plenty of times, practice meditation and yoga and eat the most tasty tropical fruits on Earth. No, this is not a description of movie, this is just a simple Bali life. I learned a lot about living in Asia, about Indonesian culture and their everyday life. I also learned about human rights and legal traditions of South East Asia. My way of traveling is always meeting locals, stay in local houses, eat where locals do, travel as they do. I hitchhiked around Indonesia and did a scooter road trip by myself too. So if you have any questions don`t feel shy to send me an e-mail.

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  • Hankuk University of Foreign Studies - Soul, Etelä-Korea

    Nimi: Niklas
    Kotipaikka: Saksa
    Kielet: saksa, englanti

    “Hey guys! The time in Korea was incredible! Both the educational and the personal experiences will make me never forget this beautiful country. I would be happy to help you experience the same wonderful exchange. Please don’t hesitate to ask any kind of questions.” 

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    Nimi: Sasha
    Kotipaikka: Calgary, Kanada
    Kielet: englanti

    ”Hi everyone!

    I went to HUFS, Seoul, when I was 27. As an older student I was worried that I would have a hard time making friends, as university age is usually said to be fresh out of high school. But there were so many people of my age and older either in the graduate classes or in the undergraduate Asia Exchange programs. In the end, it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had to date. So much that I’ll be going back for a second semester soon! If I have any advice to hand down, pack lightly and keep flight transfers to a maximum of 1, cause you’re not going to want to sleep when you arrive! If you still need to be convinced or have any questions, please email me, I’d love to help you out!”

  • Shanghai University - Shanghai, Kiina

    Gerhard Shanghai Profile picture round

    Nimi: Gerhard
    Kotipaikka: Wien, Itävalta
    Kielet: englanti, saksa

    Hi there! My time studying in Shanghai was fantastic and really unforgettable. Thinking about going abroad? Want to know more about my experience? Don’t hesitate to email me. You live near Vienna? Let’s meet for some coffee.

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    ask mathilde

    Nimi: Mathilde
    Kotipaikka: Pariisi, Ranska
    E-Mail: mathildezamour[at]
    Languages: Englanti, Ranska

    “Nǐhǎo! I am having a unique time studying in Shanghai. Interested to live in one of the most exciting cities in the world? If you have any questions, doubts or concerns about taking the leap, feel free to contact me!”

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  • Universiti Putra Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, Malesia

    Lasse - Asia Exchange ambassador in Malaysia

    Nimi: Lasse Hurri
    Kotipaikka: Joensuu, Suomi
    Kielet: Englanti, Suomi

    “Howdy everyone! Studying abroad was the coolest, the most awesome and illuminating experience of my life so far and I think every student should experience the same. And I would be glad to help you with that! Any questions regarding studying/living abroad and especially in Malaysia you may have, just ask!”

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    Nimi: Assi Aspelund
    Kotipaikka: Joensuu, Suomi
    Kielet: englanti, suomi

    ”Hei! Vaihto Kuala Lumpurissa oli yksi elämäni parhaista kokemuksista. Se kuulostaa kliseiseltä, mutta se on totta. Vastaan mielelläni kysymyksiisi.”

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