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Former Student Tytti – Why Study Abroad In Lombok?

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5 Must Visit Places in Seoul Part I

Korea´s capital, Seoul, isn’t really known as a must place to visit for most tourists and backpackers. Why? We don´t know, but it´s for sure…

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10 Must Have Free Apps for Exchange Students!

Today nearly everyone has a smartphone, but not everyone has the right Apps he needs. This article will provide you with tips of 10 Apps…

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5 Must Do Things in Shanghai Part I

There is no such thing as the most beautiful city in this world, but Shanghai is pretty close to it. Shanghai undoubtedly has one of…

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How to Choose a Study Abroad Destination in Asia

There is no such thing as the “perfect” destination – it’s what you make of it that counts! How do you find the perfect study…

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Bali to Komodo Island – My Trip to See the Dragons

”The crew is great and so will the trip be, no matter what happens.” Mid-break from school is about to come. Great. Finally. I want…

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Top 5 Asian Economies – Go East!

”The economic power in the world is shifting” There is an old saying in English that goes: yesterday is history and tomorrow’s a mystery! Joking…

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Top 5 Reasons why Studying Abroad in South East Asia Pushes Your Academic CV

”Gaining International Experience is highly valued by employers” Many students have the opportunity to study a semester abroad. Most of them dream of studying in…

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The Top 6 Safety Issues you Encounter while Traveling through South East Asia

”Take risks and tell stories” Right before each journey, every traveler is wondering about safety issues at his or her aimed destination. As every journey…

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