Last week one of our students took over our Snapchat channel to share his life in beautiful Phuket. If you didn’t follow this week on Snapchat here are some screenshots for you..

Asia Exchange snapchatter wearing his new Phuket t-shirt
This is Roshan, one of our current exchange students in Phuket. He took over Asia Exchange Snapchat account for a week to show everyone how life in a tropical paradise is like.
While studying abroad you will get to know people from other countries and learn about new cultures. You should take advantage of that as it will expand your horizons and you will learn to look at things from someone else’s perspective!
Pouring rain in Phuket
Sometimes it pours even in a tropical paradise! Luckily temperatures still usually stay high and showers rarely last long.
Chilling on a beautiful beach with friends – life could be worse!
Beautiful scenery on a beach in Phuket
Not a bad view at all! Can you imagine yourself studying in a tropical paradise? Going to the beach after lectures, feeling the ocean breeze on your face and the sand between your toes..
Chillva Market in Phuket with beautiful lights at night
Phuket is full of things to do. For example Chillva Market is a popular place to gather up with friends for food, fashion and live music. There are plenty of stalls where to buy for example gorgeous clothes and jewels so don’t forget your wallet!
Driving scooters in Phuket
And if Phuket starts to feel too small why not hop on your scooter and explore the surroundings! Keep in mind that driving on the other side of the world might be different than what you are used to. Remember to keep a helmet on and all your senses alert!
If you want to follow Roshan’s life in Phuket go follow his Snapchat channel Roshanstagger. To see more snaps from all around Asia go follow asiaexchange on Snapchat for future takeovers! Also, let us know if you’d want to do a takeover!


If you are interested in studying in Phuket, there is still time to apply for autumn semester 2017! Application period ends April 30. Read more about studying in Phuket and how to apply.


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