Rangsit University is our newest destination in Bangkok. Not only is it a top-notch university, their campus is both beautiful and lively.  The location and the surrounding of the campus allow you to experience the local way of life, and the campus itself will make you enjoy your time at Rangsit University!

People, Campus, Rangsit University
The beautiful campus and fresh facilities make Rangsit University a top-notch University!

If you feel like grabbing a coffee or having something to eat, you can visit Building 6, a student union center, that hosts many coffee shops (Starbucks for example) and a canteen for students. You can find many other local shops and restaurants around the campus too.

Once a month, the campus turns into a market area where both students and people from the local community can sell anything from food to merchandise. This is a great way to spend your day and be part of the local community.

Rangsit University, Campus Temple, Thailand
Once a month, the campus turns into a market area where both students and people from the local community can sell anything from food to merchandise.

Do you enjoy watching football or doing sports yourself? Great! Rangsit University has a stadium on the campus where you can watch football matches with your friends until late in the evening.  The campus is great for lovers of other sports too, as it has a basketball court, a swimming pool and a gym for students to use. If music is your thing, you can also relax by visiting the music hall which hosts, for example, local musicians and the Rangsit Orchestra.

If you are just looking for some peace and quiet or hanging out with other students, there is a great library on campus, a student hangout space in the International College building, or you can take a stroll in the park or around the campus area.

Students, Hang out, Rangsit university
The library is a perfect place to just hang out with other students!

Not only is Rangsit University the leading private university in Thailand, its campus is beautiful and has something to offer for everyone. Whether it is taking a relaxing stroll in the park, having a cup of coffee with friends or watching football, for example.

Find out more about studying abroad at Rangsit University:

Lukas Zimmerman, the International Relations and Communication Manager at Rangsit University, was interviewed for this blog post.

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