You want to study a semester abroad in Lombok but don’t know what else there is to see and do besides visiting the Gili Islands? Well, Lombok is still considered as one of the hidden gems of Indonesia and there are many facts about the Island that you haven’t even heard off. In the following, you will find the ultimate collection of facts that will help in your decision making.

1. Lombok means Chili

”Lombok” can be translated as Chili and believe it or not, Chili is an ingredient in almost every traditional dish on the Island. Even within Indonesia, Lombok is renowned for its rich and delicious dishes that can be bought in the Warungs and Restaurants at very affordable prices everywhere on the Island. Especially the islands capital Mataram has become famous for its Night-Markets and countless Warungs offering everything from wonderful vegan food up to incredibly tasty seafood and chicken dishes.

Spices used in almost all dishes on Lombok - Great food and spices in Lombok
Spices used in almost all dishes on Lombok

2. White Beaches, Black Beaches and Pink Beaches

As Lombok is one of the thousands of tropical paradises, you shouldn’t hesitate to explore it’s diverse and uncrowded beaches. The unspoiled state of Lombok can also be considered as the main differences to Bali. If you’re a nature lover who’s into yoga and meditation, you should rather visit Lombok before going to Bali. But let’s get back to the beaches! In the south of the island, you will find untouched, white sand beaches with pristine waters, coral reefs and some of the best waves in the world. But you shouldn’t forget that Lombok is covered with volcanos, like most islands of the Indonesian archipelago. Therefore, you can find beaches that are covered with pitch-black sand as well, especially around Kuta. Lastly, there are even some pink beaches on Lombok which got their color from microscopic red corals that are frequently washed ashore. Visiting a pink beach really is a one in a lifetime experience as there are only a few of them on the whole globe.

Beautiful beaches south of Lombok - hidden gems in Lombok
One of the countless hidden bays on Lombok

3. Meet the Sasak People

While visiting Lombok you will definitely come across the Sasak People, the ancient tribe that is still residing on that beautiful island. It’s super thrilling to talk to them and to discover Lombok’s rich culture which can be considered as textbook example of Asian culture. They’re highly valuing their traditions, which means you might even see warriors carrying around their famous shields and bamboo sticks.

Sasak people in Lombok - Traditional People
A traditional Woman and Man of the Sasak People

4. The Coral Triangle and Marine Life

Did you know that Lombok lays right in the center of the so-called Coral Triangle? Well, if you didn’t, then that’s already reason enough to visit this hidden paradise within Indonesia. The waters around the islands offering not less than 76% of the world corals species and 37% of the worlds coral reef fish species. That’s about 10 times the biodiversity compared to the Great Barrier Reef. This includes majestic creatures such as whale sharks, marine turtles, whales and manta rays. You might even be lucky enough and find Nemo!

Two clown fish hiding in their sea anemone - coral reef in Lombok
Two clown fishes hiding in their sea anemone

5. Mataram, the lively Capital of Lombok

Even though Lombok is a paradise in view of its flora and fauna, you won’t feel lost or like being stranded on a deserted island. Its capital city called Mataram is a lively hub on the west coast with approximately 360.000 inhabitants. The City offers basically everything such as a lively nightlife, thousands of Restaurants and Warungs, Shopping malls, an Airport and you can even study at one of Indonesia’s best Universities.

The Epicentrum Mall of Mataram
The Epicentrum Mall of Mataram

We hope that this little glimpse on Lombok has increased your desire to spend some time on Lombok. If you want to get a deeper insight into your opportunities of visiting Lombok, just click below: 

This text was written by our Study Abroad Assistant Hannes! 

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