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Student standing on the top of mount Rinjani in Lombok with the sunset in the back.

Former Student Tytti – Why Study Abroad In Lombok?

In this blog post, our social media coordinator Fabian interviewed Tytti Haimivaara, who studied 2016 in Lombok at the LISP program. Tytti was in Bali where…

Eiffel tower

From Bangkok to Paris – Rosa Lång

 Rosa Lång made the best decision of her life when she decided to do her exchange semester in Bangkok at Kasetsart University. How did studying…

kasetsart 4

Jenna Perus – Marketing Manager for Momondo

“Just do it, you won’t regret it” The marketing manager for Momondo, Jenna Perus, decided to come to Bangkok in 2013 and study for one…

Girl posing for the camera with monks by the river in Bangkok

Thailand Stole Former Student Krista’s Heart!

When Krista was backpacking in South East Asia in 2010, she could not have foreseen then that one day she would find herself living and…

Hundreds of tall buildings

First Bangkok, then the World

“You get to know the culture so much better when you’re living in another country rather than just visiting it” Time to take another glimpse…


Finding Happiness in Bali

Study abroad does not always have to be about collecting as many credits as you can get and advancing your studies as much as possible….


Experiences and new perspectives

As 2017 marks the 10th year of operations, we have been interviewing former Asia Exchange students to ask where their has life taken them since the…


Met in Thailand, married in Thailand

Valentine’s Day might be in the past, but romance is still pretty much alive in Asia Exchange! We have been updating you about the lives…


Jump into the Unknown

  Going abroad on an exchange can have a lasting impact on person’s life that will shape their whole future and open a vast array…


Dare to dream, live your dream

    Such is the spirit of Bali, that it tends to change life stories. Some fall in love, some lose their hearts to the Balinese…

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