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Bali is a dream study destination. It features terraced rice fields, beautiful temples, stunning beaches, and a wild nightlife. No wonder the small island is a hotspot for students who wish to experience something completely different to what they are used to during their studies. But let´s dig a little deeper and find out more about the student-life! We interviewed N’diayella who was one of the first persons to complete our summer school program in Bali. 

A girl with orange dress and black hair smile in front of the camera.
N´diayella comes from Paris and studied during the summer 2018 with us on Bali. Photo By Fabian Munoz Humeres /  CC BY 

Hello N’diayella! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is N’Diayella Gomis and I’m 21 years old. I study business with focus on African economy in Paris at Sciences Po. I’ve done three out of six years and in the future I want to work in an embassy. That was also one of the reasons why I did the summer program here in Bali – to improve my English and get international experience!

A girl is sitting down outside with her laptop a orange juice on a table in Bali.
N’diayella thought about studying in South America but the temptation to live and study in Bali was too big. We understand why! Photo By Fabian Munoz Humeres /  CC BY 

How did you come across with the summer school program here in Bali?

I was searching on google to see where I could go to make an exchange during the summer. At first, I was thinking about studying abroad somewhere in South America but then I stumbled on Asia Exchange and I thought why not.

Two people walking on a basketball field with a big building in the background
The campus and facilities at Warmadewa University are top-notch. Photo By Fabian Munoz Humeres /  CC BY 

Why did you choose to do the summer program?

To improve my English, get international experience and of course discover Bali! I heard a lot about Bali from my brother who was here 2 years ago and he said it was amazing. So, when I found the summer school program at Warmadewa University I thought “let´s go”!

Green leaf trees and grass on a mountain in Bali
The landscape and nature in Bali will leave you stunned! Photo by Sven Scheuermeier / CC BY 

Did your experience here in Bali meet your expectations?

I discovered new courses like marketing and tourism, which was cool. The teachers are very nice and helpful. They always ask if we need something so they are very caring. When it comes to Bali, yes! The local people are very polite, the landscape is stunning and the surf, well, it´s the best in the world!

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Will your summer school credits be transferred to your home university?

Yeah, I will transfer all the credits. I had three courses: tourism, international marketing and entrepreneurship. I can credit all of them.

A woman is holding her son with one hand and a fan in the other
Visiting a traditional market is just one out of many excursions that Warmadewa University organizes. Photo by Tibel AbuseridzeCC BY 

Did Warmadewa University organize excursions?

There are a few excursions. The first one we had was “traditional Balinese dance”. They taught us how to dance and it was both funny and hard. But the excursion I like the most must be the traditional market. It was the best because we got to see the local life and the way they bargain etc. We got to learn more about the culture.

A person is writing a bucket list on a paper
Prepare yourself well before you go to Bali. Remember, you have limited time so make the most out of it! Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters /  CC BY 

Can you give some valuable tips to our future summer school students?

Try to learn some basic Indonesian words. Some people don´t speak english so it makes it easier to know a few words in order to communicate. Just learn the basics like “I want”, “can I have” etc. Also, prepare your own excursions well in advance! Make a list of things you want to do and really want to see because you have limited time. So, plan your days in order to get the most out of your short time here in Bali.

A local man is praying in Bali
The locals in Bali are known to be very friendly.  Photo by Artem BaliCC BY 

What will you miss the most from Bali?

I will definitely miss the people. Where I live, in Kerobokan, the locals are very nice and helpful. I will also miss the freedom of just go back home after a day at school, switch clothes and head to the beach – what´s better than that?!

Find out more about the summer school program in Bali 

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This interview was made by our marketing coordinator Fabian!



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