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Going to study abroad is a big decision to make, no question about it. We believe that applying to study abroad should be as affordable, easy and hassle-free as possible. This is so that you focus on your dream of studying abroad and not get discouraged by everything it would take to make it true, should you not get any help.

To support you in your study abroad plans, we’re organizing a series of free webinars this spring. Whether or not you have a specific destination in mind, you can join one of these webinars to find out more about the study destinations and programs we can help you join. You’ll also get to ask us any questions you have during the webinars, and we’ll do our very best to answer them!



Wednesday, November 27th, 10 am (UTC +1, CET)

Bali, an Indonesian paradise island, is a well-known as travel destinations. In recent years it has become an increasingly popular place to study abroad as well.

While studying abroad where others spend their holidays might sound extraordinary and almost too good to be true, it’s long been a top choice for many who want their study abroad period be something unique and unforgettable. It allows you to combine academic studies, learning about a new and exotic as well as living in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Do you dream about starting your own business and striking your own unique path in life? If that’s the case, you need to have the right skillset and mindset to make your dream come true. Even if becoming an entrepreneur is not exactly what you want, knowing how to build and run a business and manage people from different backgrounds can nonetheless serve you well in your career. The BBF program at Warmadewa University provides the foundation to build these skills.

In this webinar, you’ll find out about

  • Why Bali has become immensely popular places for studying abroad
  • About the programs offered at Warmadewa University
    • The brand new Bali Business Foundation program, a one-of-a-kind program for future entrepreneurs and leaders
  • How studying abroad in Bali can be a viable option even with a more limited budget
  • Why studying entrepreneurship and leadership is an excellent idea
  • The admission requirements, easy application process and program fees
  • The benefits of applying through us

The duration of the webinar is 1 hour and includes a Q&A session with our study abroad experts.

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