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Asia Exchange helps students study abroad and intern in Asia in an easy and affordable way. By providing more and more students with the opportunity to study abroad, we increase internationalization and the development of intercultural competencies. Through our partnerships and time-tested application procedure, we streamline student mobility in a convenient and affordable way.

Asia Exchange Study Abroad Concept

Asia Exchange was established in 2007 in Finland by two former exchange students. Inspired by their own experiences of studying abroad in Asia, the founders saw a need to provide this same opportunity for others as well, more easily and conveniently than was possible at the time. The purpose was to complement existing avenues of student mobility and thereby make it possible for more and more students to spend a life-changing semester in Asia.

Today, we offer students the chance to study abroad in TaiwanChina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea. All of our partner universities have been carefully selected and are counted among the best in their respective countries.


more than 4000 students
 from over 450 universities
 and over 60 countries

Simple and flexible option for studying abroad

Many students are interested in Asia, but not all of them can find a suitable option through their home university. Others are simply left outside the placement quotas, which can be tight. Normally the only option left for the student would be to arrange their study abroad semester on their own. First, they would have to find a suitable university abroad, contact the university, find out about suitable courses and then finally apply, sometimes filling out countless of documents in the process. On top of all this, the student also needs to take care of all of the normal travel arrangements, such as finding accommodation and applying for a visa. The whole process often takes a lot of time and effort and is fraught with uncertainty.

This is where we come in: We offer an alternative avenue to studying abroad in Asia, by making the application process as simple as possible and acting as an intermediary between the student and the host university. Students who organize their study abroad semester with our help have “free mover” status. This means that no official agreement between the host university and the students’ home university is required.

For the student, we provide a simple, secure and affordable way of applying to study abroad in Asia, even together with friends. We also provide comprehensive information services, so that the students can start their study abroad semesters well-prepared. We provide quick answers to all questions about the study abroad semesters and the traveling arrangements, both via email and on phone.

The students are still responsible for making their own travel arrangements, however, but we do provide all the help and guidance needed to ensure a smooth start of their studies abroad.

Not only do we help students: by handling the application process, the sending of the official documents and the communication with the Asian partner universities, we often decrease the administrative burden of the student’s home university as well.

Wide range of courses in English

Decisions about scholarships and transfer credits are still made by the home universities. We encourage students to plan their studies carefully and to include the course syllabi, available on our website, in their study plans. This helps their home universities allocate transfer credits.

The courses are held in English and are included in the partner universities’ official curriculum. The courses consist of lectures, workshops, visits to local businesses as well as charity organizations that we sponsor.

We welcome students from all fields. Most participants are students in business, technology/engineering, law, social sciences or tourism, but there are many students with other majors as well. While not everyone might be able to find courses matching exactly their own field, they still have the opportunity to take interesting electives or minors to complement their major studies.

More than 4000 students from over 450 universities and 60 countries

Since 2007, a lot has happened. New destination countries, new universities, and new programs have been added, and are still being added, as the demand for study abroad semesters in Asia grows. We are now sending close to 1000 students per year to spend a life-changing semester in Asia. Each year, we have welcomed students from more and more countries and universities to join our programs.

We truly believe that studying abroad is one of the best decisions anyone can make. Not only does it help you grow as a person and provide you with more career opportunities later on, but the experience of foreign cultures and international friendships brought about by studying abroad can help to create a more tolerant, harmonious world for everyone.

Here’s what some former students have said:


"Don't think about it, just do it!"

I sincerely recommend Asia Exchange to anybody daydreaming about Asian horizons, and if I have a single piece of advice: Don't think about it, just do it!

Mathilde, France


"If you're ambitious, this is for you"

If you are ambitious and looking forward to achieve your goals this opportunity is for you. Thank you Asia Exchange for making a better future for students. 

Vilma, Finland


"It was great altogether"

I can't even point out any single thing that was particularly good. It was great altogether. Asia Exchange always responded to my emails right away (sometimes within minutes). Seriously how do you do that? You should offer customer service trainings!

Fabian, Austria

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Working together for international education

Helping more and more students to study abroad in Asia is our guiding vision, but it’s something we couldn’t fulfill on our own. In addition to our partner universities, we collaborate with many home universities and study abroad organizations. Learn more about our partnerships and references. 

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