Get convinced by these arguments to study in Thailand

The culture and climate in Thailand are very different from westernized countries. If you want your semester abroad to be a completely unique experience, choose to study in Thailand! We have compiled a list of 5 reasons why you should study in The Land Of Smiles to make you understand its uniqueness and greatness. 

1. Friendly people

Two smiling children are holding up their hands under a jet of water in Thailand.
By seeing all the Thai people smile, chances are you’ll quickly take over. Photo by Abigail Keenan / CC BY

If you have not lived in Asia before, Thailand is an easy and welcoming place to start. There is a good reason why the slogan for Thailand is “The Land Of Smiles”. The local people are well known for their genuine hospitality and their ear-to-ear smiles. As the Thai people are used to tourists, they tend to be very open and always willing to help. If you study in Thailand for an extended period of time, the smiles and laughter will definitely rub off on you! However, just to give you a heads up; wherever you travel, and especially if you are a student in Thailand for a lengthy extension, you have to remember to show respect towards the locals. One way to do so is to greet Thais using a “wai”. To do this, bend your head a little bit, push your palms against one another and touch your nose with your fingertips. By making this polite gesture, you will show and receive respect.

2. Many universities

A big white building with blue letters on top and a statue in front of it in Thailand.
Our partner Universities in Thailand offer all kinds of courses that are suitable for everyone.

Asia Exchange has four partner universities in Thailand. Their combined course offering has something for everybody; whether you want to study tourism, engineering, business administration, economics, ICT, accounting, agriculture or communication arts – to name a few – you can find a suitable university in Thailand.

3. Beautiful beaches

A view of a white beach and a blue sea with a part of a palmtree and island in Thailand.
If you go to the southern coast in Thailand you’ll find a lot of beaches like this one! Photo by Ju5Me / CC BY

Thailand offers so much to explore that you will most likely never be bored. Getting around and travel from point A to B is easy in Thailand. Most people can speak English and therefore, you will never have difficulties to reserve a bus or a train ticket. Take the chance to explore the northern part with its many rice fields and different hill tribes, or the southern coast that has crystal clear, blue water. Spend your time off school to island hopping and enjoy the beautiful, tropically scenery – a must if you study in Thailand!

4. Centrally situated

A view from an airplane window during sunset.
It is so easy and cheap to travel to other Asian countries from Thailand. Photo by Eva Darron / CC BY

Every country in Asia has its own unique experience to offer. The many complex flavors and diverse cultures make this continent a never-ending exploring story. For these reasons, Asia is the most visited continent by foreigners from Europe. Thailand is situated in the center of Asia, which makes it the perfect hub-country to travel to other countries around Asia, especially Southeast-Asia. A flight ticket from Bangkok to one of the nearby countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore or Indonesia, is relatively cheap compared to other popular destinations like Japan or China.

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5. Something for everyone

A white statue with five buddha heads on top of each other in Thailand.
It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in, Thailand has something for everyone! Photo by Célina Haeberly / CC BY

Bangkok fascinates everyone in one way or another. With its many beautiful parks, gigantic skyscrapers and golden shimmering temples, Bangkok is full of contrasts and offers something for everyone. Also, for an exchange student, Bangkok is a perfect choice because it is so cheap. You can eat delicious street food and get a beer for under 5 US dollars. Phuket, on the other hand, has incredibly beautiful beaches. Yes, it is every tourist’s dream but it offers more than just white sand beaches. For example, the charming Phuket Old Town, the many exciting night markets, the many sports opportunities (kayaking or snorkeling, anyone?) and all the fascinating temples will guarantee every student the semester of their life.

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This article was written by our former intern Valentin.

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