Spring semester 2020 in Bali is on and rolling

New year, new decade. January means also that the first semesters in Bali start and multiple excited students arrive to the paradise island to start their year and studies. An unforgettable chapter in life for many is just about to begin!

Excited students take a group picture together with the staff at Udayana University. Photo By Fabian

Pre-semester get together

On the previous Friday before the orientation week, we invited the students who had already arrived in Bali to come and hang out in Old Man’s in Canggu. This laidback event was for students to get the first impressions of fellow students and start making friends. The place happened to have a happy hour also, what a coincident! Some people also continued the night by exploring Canggu’s amazing nightlife.

Orientation days of Udayana University

The two-day orientation was full of many interesting presentations and useful information. Local staff of Udayana University spoke about the history of the university and academical matters. Students got to hear presentations about Bali and Asia Exchange. Welcome speech was also held by one of the founders of Asia Exchange, Mr. Tuomas Kauppinen. Other topics were for example visa matters, cultural norms, safety and health issues. Balinese culture was present since day one in a form of traditional dance performance. Lunchboxes were also full of delicious Indonesian treats!

The traditional Balinese dance was highly appreciated by our students.  Photo By Fabian

Orientation of Undiknas University

The spring semester 2020 batch had the joy to listen to the Dutch speaker Anselm Vermuelen at the orientation day. The Dutch speaker is a well-known professor who specializes in the field of entrepreneurship and marketing. He shared his knowledge about how to become a successful entrepreneur and the presentation was well appreciated among our students. Undiknas is well known for offering high standard business, economics and finance programs. The presentation was just a sample of what the students can expect of the classes and the teachers during the semester. After the presentation, our students had the chance to get to know each other and get familiar with the university building.

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Our students at Undiknas had the luck to listen to the well-respected speaker Anselm Vermuelen.  Photo By Fabian

Semester kick-off party

After the fast-paced information flow and academical matters during the orientation days, it was time to some well-deserved rest and relaxation. The venue was a famous beach club Alternative beach in Canggu. Many students came to enjoy the sun, pool and a drink voucher offered by Asia Exchange. How good it felt to sip a cold drink and take a dip in a pool! It was good to see many happy faces enjoying life and taking it easy before the school start.

The semester kick-off party was held at Alternative Beach in Canggu. Photo by Emil

Courses have now begun and everyday life in Bali includes studying until May for over 70 students from 13 different countries! Once more: Welcome to Bali! Have an amazing semester, all the best for your studies, make new friends ja remember to enjoy the life to the fullest! Hopefully you go home after the semester with memories you remember for the rest of your life and a feeling that this experience was lifechanging!

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This article was written by our intern Noora and our Digital Marketing Coordinator Fabian! 

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