Bali is paradise for vegans!

Bali is a hotspot if you’re vegan. Modern, western cafés specializing in really delicious vegan food can be found in every corner around the small island. Our Bali student Jennifer Carp shares her thoughts about why Bali should be on every vegans’ bucket list – let’s tune in! 

Blonde girl with sunglasses and black shirt is leaning against a wall in Bali.
Our Bali student Jennifer Carp from Finland has been vegan since the beginning of 2016. Photo by Fabian Munoz Humeres / CC BY

Hi Jennifer! Can you please give our readers some background about yourself?

Yes, I’m 20 years old and I´m from Vasa, Finland. I’m studying international business with focus on marketing. I spend lots of my free time blogging, as well as developing my photography skills and doing a lot of work online.

view of palm trees, ricefield and a volcano somewhere in Bali
The stunning natural scenery was one of the reasons why Jennifer came back to Bali. Photo by Lucija Ros /  CC BY

How did you end up in Bali?

It was my second semester in my first year of studies in Finland. I was talking with my friend about his time studying in Bali and he kind of put the idea in my head that it would be possible for me to do my exchange here as well. My first time in Bali was in December of 2016 so I already knew it was beautiful. I was just exploring the island meeting a lot of cool and inspiring people. So i decided to come back!

Fruits and muesli in a white bowl
You will find vegan fruit bowls everywhere in Bali. Photo by Mariana Motes de Oca /  CC BY

You said one of your hobbies is food? What do you mean by that?

I enjoy eating food. I enjoy cooking food. It’s part of my job so it’s a huge part of my every day life. I love special diets like veganism and Bali is the perfect place for vegans!

Two people preparing coffee behind the bar in a restaurant in Bali
Live in Canggu, Berawa, or Ubud if you want to be close to some of the best vegan restaurants in Bali. Photo by Florian Giorgio / CC BY

Why is Bali the perfect place for vegans and vegetarians?

Canggu, berawa, and Ubud are hotspots for really modern, western cafés specializing in really delicious vegan food. There is a whole different vegan culture here than in my hometown. It´s so much easier to go out here and enjoy really good vegan food –  no matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Give me your top three vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Bali.

Oh that´s hard. Well, first one is Peloton. It’s close to my house and it´s been there since 2016. No matter what you try, the taste is amazing.

The second one is Kynd community. They have the most amazing breakfast on Bali. It´s really hyped up and that´s one of the reasons why there could be some waiting until you get a free table but it´s completely worth the wait. We’ve been there for brunch and I’ve tried everything from their menu. Everything is high quality vegan food.

Then last but not least: The Shady Shack. They have an amazing dinner menu. It´s one of the best places to go for dinner. It´s a vegetarian/vegan restaurant and even though I’ve been there with meat lovers, they’ve found something that they loved. The Shady Shack has the best falafel in Bali!

All kind of vegetables on a table
Jennifer decided to go a hundred percent green after a year as a vegetarian. Photo by Alexandr Podvalny / CC BY

So why did you become vegan?

It started in 2015 with me eating vegetarian food. It was a challenge because I used to love meat, especially bacon. I did not think it was possible to enjoy vegetarian food but after a year it was really easy to enjoy all kinds of vegetarian food. Then, in January of 2016, I decided to go full vegan.

A man is standing on top of a small hill during sunset in Canggu watching the ocean
Are you looking for a vegan culture with an amazing beach scene? Then Canggu is the place to be!  Photo by Andy Do CC BY

Where are the best areas to live for vegans/vegetarians?

I would say Berawa or Canggu are for sure the best places. There are at least 30 restaurants with vegan food so you always have something to choose from. Within a kilometer of my house there’s a vegan sushi restaurant. I can go for breakfast pretty much everywhere here. It’s so easy and convenient. Usually when you travel you have to explain to the waitress that you don’t eat this and that but here everyone already knows.

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Isn’t Berawa a bit far from the University?

I wouldn’t say so. It takes around 30 minutes to drive with your scooter. Some days it´s faster, it all depends on the traffic. I don´t think its a problem because this is a place where I really enjoy living. It´s not as busy as Denpasar and it´s close to the ocean and close to my friends.

Do you know of any vegan/vegetarian restaurants close to the university?

In Denpasar where the university is located it´s also possible to find vegan restaurants. There aren´t as many options as in Canggu, but there are a few places. Even at the campus you can get Indonesian vegan food. They have a warung with food where you can point at what you want. One Indonesian specialty is tempe, which is vegan. Also, it’s possible to make nasi goreng vegan. It´s really really cheap! It costs around 70 cents. We also have a pretty modern café close to the campus and they have the cheapest bowl I’ve had in my life.

What are your opinions about Warmadewa University?

It´s very modern! The facilities are new and we have inspiring teachers that motivate the students and the course selection is really good.

Two persons are walking through a gate with backpacks on their backs
Warmadewa University has modern facilities and inspiring teachers. Photo by Fabian Munoz Humeres / CC BY

To whom would you recommend studying at Warmadewa University?

Everyone who is interested in doing something new. It is the perfect mixture of studies and holiday. I still have time to freelance from here and explore all the hidden gems of Bali.

Find out more about studying at Warmadewa University in Bali

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This interview was made by our marketing coordinator Fabian!



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