The highlights of the Autumn Semester 2017 in Indonesia

Unexpected events are something you have to be prepared to deal with when studying in Asia. Not everything runs as smoothly as it does in the western societies. Indonesia is no exception! Unexpected class changes and a majestic volcano threatening to erupt, made the autumn semester 2017 in Indonesia one to remember. But no matter how many downs our students are facing – the many smiles, new friendships and countless of adventures around and outside the islands, will be on our students’ mind when flying back to their home countries.

Two girls are standing in the ocean during sunset in Indonesia.
Beautiful sunsets and perfect waves are common in Indonesia. This was a daily sight for our students! Photo by Fabian / CC BY

Many of the students who chose to study at Warmadewa, Udayana or Mataram University left their home for the first time. For the others, this was just another big adventure. Either way, the distinct cultural perspectives gave all our students a better understanding and appreciation of Indonesia´s people and history. The social atmosphere, amazing food, customs and traditions left a mark in everyone’s heart.

At the certification ceremony, both students and teachers gave speeches. Laughs were shared and everyone got reminded what an amazing experience these four months have been. The following gallery will show some of the highlights during this semester:

Two men are standing in front of a mountain during sunrise in Indonesia.
Many of our students went traveling around Indonesia during their study break. To Lombok for example! Photo by Fabian / CC BY
A person in white t-shirt with text is learning a student how to drive scooter in Bali.
Learning how to drive a scooter was one of our activities during the Campus Chill Out Day. Photo by Fabian / CC BY
A woman wearing traditional Balinese clothes is dancing in Bali.
Balinese dancers show off their dance skills during the orientation day at Udayana University. Photo by Fabian / CC BY
A person is playing guitar in front of students in Bali.
Gede Bagus played some sweet tunes during the Campus Chill Out Day. Photo by Fabian / CC BY
Three boys are laughing and one is holding the Indonesian flag between his teeth in Bali.
Only positive vibes during the International Student Day. Photo by Fabian / CC BY
Students are pulling on a rope as part of a game on a field in Bali.
Some students competed with other international programs to see who is the strongest on the campus. Photo by Fabian / CC BY
Male students are wearing traditional Balinese clothes on a campus in Bali.
Some students participated in a traditional Balinese dance during the International Student Day. Photo by Fabian / CC BY
A blond girl is holding an Indonesian child that is cuddling her in Indonesia.
After the threat of a volcanic eruption at Mount Agung, we visited an evacuation camp with our students. Photo by Fabian / CC BY
Students are visiting an evacuation camp where Indonesian people are staying in Indonesia.
The atmosphere was extremely positive in the evacuation camp! Photo by Fabian / CC BY



Three girls are sitting on a beach while two men are filming them during sunset in Bali.
We filmed a promotional video for Warmadewa University and we used some of our students as actors. Photo by Fabian / CC BY

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Three students are walking in a ricefield in Indonesia.
We went to many different places in Bali to film our promotional video for Warmadewa University. Photo by Fabian / CC BY

We wish all our 2017 students all the best for 2018 and the future to come. I think many of you will agree when I say “Hasta La Vista beautiful Indonesia, until next time!”. Remember to embrace your golden memories and please, let’s stay in touch!

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This article was written by our Digital Marketing Coordinator Fabian!

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