David Bertran is a former Asia Exchange student and a current Online Ambassador, who is more than happy to tell prospective students what life and studies are like in Bali. 

A boy stands on a surfboard in the ocean
David spent a semester at Warmadeva University – learn about his experiences

What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is David Bertran and I come from Barcelona, Spain

Where did you spend your exchange semester?

My semester abroad was at Warmadewa University in Bali, Indonesia.

Why did you choose to study in Asia, and your destination in particular?

I went to Bali 10 years ago with my family and had a great memory from then, after that I was curious to know if there was the possibility to go back to continue my university studies and to be able to stay longer.

Tell us a little more about your study destination, what was it like to live and study there?

Warmadewa is a university located in Denpasar, in my opinion, it’s one of the most interesting areas to discover and to be surrounded by the local people. Going every day to the university has been one of the most curious and beautiful times in my life, I lived 15 minutes by scooter from the university, so every morning I went to the university and in the afternoon had free time to go to the gym, meet with friends, and go surfing. Before going I felt I would probably become bored some days but afterward I never had time to do all the things I wanted.

Did the experience meet your expectations?

It completely did, my expectations weren’t that low but all the things I learned from being in Bali made it perfect.

What were the highlights of your exchange?

Probably one of the best moments was realizing the last day that I had done and had learned so many things I could use in the future, I did the closing speech letting everyone know that I was wearing the same shirt as the first day but with complements in the inside and outside, complements that will stay forever.

How did you get the study place? What was the application procedure like?

I chose it from the website and after started asking some questions by email to ensure I was choosing the right place. The procedure was easy and I felt like all the steps were easy to carry out.

Which were the most interesting topics in your studies?

There were 2 subjects that I really liked called Economics of the ASEAN countries and Entrepreneurship. Of course, the language course was also great, because while I was in Bali I used every single word I learned in the class.

A caucasian boy and a south east asian fishmonger chatting
David got to make use of his Bahasa skills everyday

What kind of accommodation did you have and how much was the monthly cost?

I was living in a fully equipped apartment in Renon, I had a shared pool and a small gym. The cost was 3,5 million Indonesian rupiahs (which equals to roughly 220 EUR)

What were your average days like while living in Asia?

Going to class in the mornings and some afternoons, going by scooter everywhere, going studying for some exams and every day finding an interesting and entertaining thing to do like going to the cinema, a football game, and many other activities.

Did you have a chance to travel during your stay?

The most awesome thing during the semester was a trip I did for 5 days to the Island of Komodo renting a whole boat with 6 friends from the university. We were snorkeling with mantas and visiting beautiful places every single day!

What kind of things did you learn about Asia and your destination?

I learned how to be more patient and understanding, also learned how lucky I am in Barcelona and especially the positive attitude that you need to have in order to enjoy what you have, to get on well with people and also to get involved with the Asian society.

What kind of things did you learn about yourself?

I learned I can get really enthusiastic when I like what I am doing. For example, learning Bahasa Indonesia motivated me so now I can speak it fluently.

In your opinion, why should people go to study in Asia?

A young caucasian man poses for a photo with an Indonesian local
“It’s a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, to discover a great place to be”

It’s a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, to discover a great place to be and to acknowledge and realize where you live and what you have back home.

Would you recommend this study program to other students?

I absolutely recommend this study program to other students who are looking for personal and professional growth.

What are your greetings to Asia Exchange?

Asia Exchange will help and encourage you to start and get moving from your chair back home in your country, they are the ones who encouraged me to think I was choosing the right option when I booked my flight.

A free word for any student considering going abroad?

Take on the challenge and you will succeed!

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All photos in this blog post were graciously taken and provided by David.

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“Take on the challenge and you will succeed!” (David in Bali)

David Bertran is a former Asia Exchange student and a current Online Ambassador, who is more than happy to tell prospective students what life and…

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