Asia Exchange one of the best providers for studies abroad!

Recently, Asia Exchange received an award as one of the top study abroad providers in the category: Academics. Go Overseas, a community that consists of over 1,000,000+ users, presented the award. The award is based solely on their independent program reviews.

People with color on their hands standing in circle reaching inwards with their hands.
The Go Overseas community ranked Asia Exchange as one of the top Study providers. Photo by Go Overseas / CC BY

The fact that this award is based on reviews written by actual past & present students and not by a jury is a huge deal. This is some of the best feedback a company could ever ask for. Asia Exchange is proud to receive this award, the academic quality is the most important part of studying abroad. Everything surrounding, the traveling, the culture and personal growth is a bonus.

The courses and programs offered by our partner universities are hand picked to ensure quality. The company is constantly working to develop new programs for the students.

Asia Exchange will continue working hard and striving towards greatness, we wish to thank all our alumni, our present students, partner universities and other partners. None of this would be possible without you.

Temple on a cliff in the ocean and sunset in the background
“I really enjoyed the Bali life so much that I extended my stay” – Sarah. Photo by Harry Kessell / CC BY

Student review about Bali, Indonesia

“Coming to Bali to study abroad was definitely the best decision I made so far. Not only meeting people from all over the world thanks to the internationality of Asia Exchange, but also the island itself makes a semester abroad there the best thing you can do. The people (students and locals), nature, the culture, the food, nightlife, surfing – it offers so much diversity, fun, and freedom.

Since the lectures just take place maximum three times a week, there was plenty of time to get around the island and even explore the neighboring ones. The program and staff of Asia Exchange itself were super helpful, before as well as during the stay. The level of the courses was good to handle, mostly it’s just some more paperwork to do.

All in all, I really enjoyed the Bali life so much that I extended my stay for six more months and I was not the only one! 😉 “ – Sarah

city of Bangkok at dusk. Skyscrapers, sky and roads. lots of lights.
“If you are interested in Asian countries, do not hesitate or just think about it , just go” – Laurens. Photo by Andreas Brücker / CC BY

Student review about Bangkok, Thailand

“I studied in Thailand at the Siam University (Bangkok) for one year(2017/18) and it was a great time because the Siam University offers a good education and support, I also had a great time because I had the chance to understand its culture and travel in Thailand and neighbor countries. So, if you are interested in Asian countries, do not hesitate or just think about it – just go. Because it is wonderful here 😉

Also, the support and organization from Asia Exchange are very good. Even if you have later some questions or problems they try their best to help you. All in all, if you are looking for an opportunity to go as a free mover for an exchange semester – Asia Exchange is a good choice because they are a reliable organization” – Laurens

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Seoul skyline at dusk, a bridge with lights strechting over body of water.
“I would recommend the semester abroad at HUFS for everyone and would always do it again immediately” – Svante, 28 Photo by Alexander Nachev / CC BY

Student review about Seoul, South Korea

“I can assure you that once you experienced the vibrant life the city of Seoul as to offer you never want to leave this place again. South Korea and Seoul in general is the perfect mixture of modern lifestyle combined with a variety of cultural traditions. No matter if you spend the day or night in Gangnam, Itaewon or Hongdae, you will have the time of your life.

The semester at HUFS offered so many new insights into different subjects and enabled me to exchange ideas with students from all over the world. I became friends with so many of them and I am now able to look differently at a world map, because I have friends in every single part of it.

The support from Asia Exchange was always helpful in any case and although we were the first batch of students attending a semester at HUFS for Asia Exchange everything ran so smoothly. From the beginning of the application process, during and after the semester, Asia Exchange was always there to help.

I would recommend the semester abroad at HUFS for everyone and would always do it again immediately.” – Svante

Twin Skyscrapers reaching through the clouds, red sky
“The exchange experience was the best time of my life so far “- Lasse, 28 Photo by Ishan / CC BY

Student review about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“I’ve been studying almost 8 years and I finally got courage to go strudy overseas. And damn it was the best choice and time of my life so far. Everything went quite smoothly and that was made sure by Asia Exchange. Everyone got a little trouble with the visa process but it got handled very well and if I understood correctly no one had problems the next semester with it.

This could’ve not been made any easier by Asia Exchange and they helped us out along the process the best they could. I got everything handled just going by their directions and I didn’t forgot anything important home because of their good guide!

As I said the exchange experience was the best time of my life so far. I met incredible people (students, locals, everyone overall), ate the most varied food in many different Asian countries (as I got to travel quite much) and most importantly got better knowledge of my studying field. I always forget to mention something important when I’m listing these things but overall it was awesome experience and would recommend to it for everyone. It was an eye opener and made me realize how awesome traveling is and how you have to just take a one big leap to experience such a great trip.

If you are thinking of going and even alone (as I did), just do it! It feels scary at first but you meet a lot of new cool people on the way and they are in the same situation! “ – Lasse

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This article was written by our Marketing Intern Jonas! 

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