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Man taking a picture of the sunset with a cloudy sky

Bali to Komodo Island – My Trip to See the Dragons

“The crew is great and so will the trip be, no matter what happens” Mid-break from school is about to come. Great. Finally. I want…

Guy in suit typing on their laptop with an invoice on the right of the laptop

Top 5 Asian Economies – Go East!

“The economic power in the world is shifting” There is an old saying in English that goes: yesterday is history and tomorrow’s a mystery! Joking…

Travel items such as a compass and camera laying on a wooden surface

5 Ways Studying Abroad Changes You

“You will depend less on other people and start believing in yourself” Studying abroad does not only provide you with the possibility to attend a…

Barbeque table setting at a Korean restaurant

Korean Barbecue – Getting a Taste of Seoul

A quick introduction to Korean barbecue Around half of the population of South Korea reside within the Seoul Metropolitan Area, amassing to an incredible 25.6…

Leafy rock with an arch on a beach

Top 5 Hidden Gems in Asia

Discover the not so touristy places in Asia Studying in Asia opens the door to colorful cultures, exotic food and travel destinations off the beaten…

Asia Exchange posing with Bali Street Kids Project

Bali Street Kids Project – Visiting The Balinese Orphanage

A moving experience and an extremely positive atmosphere Asia Exchange visited the orphanage Bali Street Kids Project in September 2017. To celebrate our 10-year anniversary we…


Why To Get a Graduate Degree in China

With rapid globalisation making relocation to a new country easier, more and more students are choosing to travel abroad to study. If you have already completed an…

Girl walking on the pavement by a shop in Japan

How To Find The Right Exchange Program in Asia?

  An exciting opportunity open to many undergraduate students is the chance to participate in an exchange program, in which a student can study at…


Study in Asia – Take Me to The Dragon’s Continent

Novel accomplishments, technological wonders, breakthrough achievements… Do you want to be part of that? On Visitor Posts section we share assorted blog posts by our friends…

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