Booking flights is an adventure on its own!

You just received your acceptance letter in the mail from your university abroad! Whoop whoop! The next semester you will live in Asia! Now the fun begins with preparing yourself for your adventure. But where can you book the cheapest flights to your new home? Which websites are the best to hunt down the best flight connections? These following websites have been proven to be some of the best out there for students booking their flights to Asia!

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Plan your trip in advance to save money! Photo by Jason Leung / CC BY

When to book your flights

The best time to book your flights is about three months before your departure because that is when the prices are typically at the lowest. You can also try getting last minute prices but doing this is like playing lottery; you can get a great deal a flight is empty, or if most of the seats to your route have already been booked, these tickets extremely expensive. So booking well in advance is definitely the safest choice. Let’s move on to the Asia Exchange recommended websites for finding the best flight deals.

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Pros: Available for Android, iOS, browser (chrome/safari), free, available in over 30 languages

Skyscanner is a very popular flight search website/app. It compares flights and then you can choose which one suites you the best. After that it redirects you then to the website of the flight you chose.

It is a great site to find the cheapest connection because it compares many websites offering deals, and offers great flexibility in customising your search. You can search which days are the cheapest to fly in any month, and you can also adjust how many stops you want want and the duration of stops and flights.



Pros: Available for Android, iOS, Windows, browser (chrome/safari), free, available in 18 languages.

Momondo is very similar to Skyscanner. They don’t sell any flights, but provide a comparison of prices and deals available at the moment and redirects you to the website selling the flights. It can be a good idea to see what deals Momondo offers compared to Skyscanner’s search results. Momondo has won awards of finding the best deals and great connecting flights across the web.



Available for Android, iOS, windows, browsers (chrome/safari), free, available in 5 languages.

Traveloka is an online travel agency and their search engine is a really easy way to compare the cheapest flights, especially for Asia! You can find promotions and deals with no hidden fees. Be sure to check this website before booking your flights to Asia!



Available for Android, iOS, windows, browsers (chrome/safari), free, available in 18 languages

Kayak finds cheap flight deals and you are able to adjust the flight to your wishes. Kayak’s flight search shows a price graph if the flight fares are expected to go up or down in the next weeks or month so you know when to book. Kayak is already an old travel search engine but with its new changes and updates, it is definitely a flight search website you could take a look at too when comparing prices.


Before booking you flights, check these different websites and the airlines website to make sure you have found the best deals! Remember that you can also book your own flight route. like for example, from Germany to Bali you could book: Frankfurt – Dubai, then from Dubai – Jakarta, and the last flight from Jakarta – Bali. It may not be the most comfortable way because you have to get your luggage by every transit but if you are really looking to stretch your penny or cent, you could just get the cheapest connections this way!

Do you use some other search engines? Let us know, if there’s other good ones out there! Good luck finding the best flight deals!


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