Bali orientation – the one known from TV

Autumn is back with its dark and rainy days. It is time to return to school and get used to that strictly scheduled everyday life. Hold on, hold on! Actually that sounds like a plan for someone who has not decided to spend this semester studying in Bali

The 241 exchange students who did decide that, have now finished their orientation days at Udayana University, and are ready to start their BIPAS-program and enjoy the life in paradise. Autumn semester 2016 tempted students from 15 different countries, and the number of students is the highest so far in Asia Exchange’s history. Welcome to Bali. Welcome to Udayana University. Welcome to BIPAS-program!

Always smiling and super happy to greet the new students with that true Balinese spirit, everyone’s favorite, Dr Pak I Made Rajeg making everyone feel welcome.


At the orientation the students got a short introduction about their new, temporary home island. They also advised on how to stay safe and healthy (and how to avoid Bali belly); tips by the people who have lived in Bali for a longer time are extremely valuable. By keeping your ears open, you can stay safe from many bigger and smaller harms.


The directors of the Asia Exchange (Harri Suominen pictured) guided students on how to make the most of the exchange semester. They also set a goal for the students - make one person happy every day.
The directors of the Asia Exchange (Harri Suominen, pictured) guided students on how to make the most of the exchange semester. They also set a goal for the students – make one person happy every day.


A former BIPAS-student encouraged the students to be responsible with their studies. ”Even though you might not feel the same stress here that you’re used to struggling with back home, please, don’t become lazy or disrespectful to the lecturers. Show respect, get respect.” In her speech she also recommended students to make some meaningful difference to their routines: Instead of being an everyday customer at Sky Garden club, find out and work with the issues which Bali is facing. ”Be part of the real Bali and see deeper than the surface”, said the student from the last semester.

In addition to the tips and all the information, the multinational audience was able enjoy traditional Balinese dances and local food lunch boxes. So, by now the students have got their first taste of the Balinese cuisine and culture. There were also many cameras around during the orientation days. One of them was from Bali TV. As during the previous semesters, a clip from the opening ceremony and orientation was aired by this local TV- station. We are famous!


Surf lessons? I’m in! This is how it looks like when 200+ students try to get to sign the participation list.


On the second day it was time for Pro Surf School’s presentation amongst other things. They did something that shouldn’t be allowed. They showed a way too cool tropical video about having fun in the ocean – surfing, snorkeling, jumping off from a boat. The video got everyone dreaming about going to the beach. Luckily the dream came true the next day, when the students were having surf lessons on Kuta beach with Pro Surf School.


Pro Surf in Bali made sure our students got to know the basics of water safety before jumping into the waves of Indian Ocean.
Pro Surf in Bali made sure our students got to know the basics of water safety before jumping into the waves of Indian Ocean.


The result of surfing was some bruising and exhausted arms. But this dark side of surfing is nothing compared to the bright side – wide smiles on the faces and the cheerful shakas you could see after the lessons!


The surfing lessons were a hard workout for the students but surprisingly no one got too tired to not attend the pool party afterwards. The ice-breaking party for Bali students was held at Pro Surf Beach Lounge in Kuta Beach. Some 200+ students overtook the premises and got to enjoy some great music, burgers by the legendary PitStop, fun times, and some daring backflips and belly flops into the pool.

All the nine students studying in Lombok, also known as ‘The Lombok Nine’ also joined the Bali ice-breaking party in full-force – all the nine students came to Bali just for the party! Whether it was the long evening, busy traffic, or maze-like streets of Kuta, two of the students actually managed to miss their return flight to Lombok and had to reschedule the return. So remember: don’t leave to the airport 30 minutes before your flight thinking you will just make it, because sometimes there are traffic jams in Bali.

On a more serious note, we have already had one sad motorbike accident happen to one of our Bali students – and would like to remind everyone again to be careful in the traffic! Always wear a proper helmet (full-face style is recommended), and 100% don’t drink and drive!! It’s super easy and cheap to take a taxi, Go-Jek, or Uber home if you went out partying. Have fun but stay safe!

The opening week in Bali was a great success and we are all looking forward for a great semester!


The venue for the party, located right on Kuta Beach, was nothing short of amazing.
And the party... Well, you need to ask from the students but we're pretty sure everyone had a great night!
And the party… Well, you need to ask from the students but we’re pretty sure everyone had a great night!


Would you like to be doing this next semester? It’s not too late to apply! Read more here!


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