Studying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What’s your name and where do you come from

My name is Assi Aspelund and I come from Joensuu, Finland.

Assi Aspelund, Malaysia student ambassador

Where did you spend your exchange semester?

I was studying at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in Kuala Lumpur.

Why did you choose to study in Asia, and your destination in particular?

It was my friend who asked me to go to Asia with her when we saw an ad about Asia Exchange. At first, it was more like a joke, but I said yes. So we decided to go and chose a country which was totally new to both of us.

Tell us a little more about Kuala Lumpur, what was it like to live and study there?

It was different, a big city and a huge university. And so many friendly people there.

Did the experience meet your expectations?

It was so much more I expected

What were the highlights of your exchange?

The whole process of trying to live in a different culture and getting to know so many new people.

How did you get the study place? What was the application procedure like?

The study place was perfect for me. We had little bit difficulties while application procedure, but finally everything went fine.

Which were the most interesting topics in your studies?

Wildlife management, which was something very different to what I study in Finland. During that course, we also visited a primary school and kindergarten, which was an experience. Also learning Bahasa Malaysia was one of the interesting courses.

What kind of accommodation did you have and how much was the monthly cost?

I shared a 3 bedroom apartment with my friend. It was 250 €/ month per person, and apartment included a huge swimming pool, a gym, 24 h security and other facilities.

What were your normal days like while living in Asia?

Going to school, usually by bus, having lunch there and coming back to home. If there was time, we might go to the cinema or shopping or just hang out with friends and had dinner.

Did you have a chance to travel during your stay?

Yes, I visited a couple of places in Malaysia and also had time to go for a visit to Australia.

What kind of things did you learn about Asia during your stay?

I learned to be more patient and more chilled with schedules. My English skills improved as well.

What kind of things did you learn about yourself?

That I really love Asian food

In your opinion, why should people go to study in Asia?

It is an awesome experience, if you want something different, Asia is a perfect place to study.

Would you recommend this study program to other students?


What are your greetings to Asia Exchange?

I am glad they made this possible for me,  my school does not have partner universities in Asia, so Asia Exchange really made it possible to study in Asia.

A free word for any student considering going abroad

If you had a chance you should take it.

Thank you so much for the inspiring and thorough description of student life in Kuala Lumpur Assi! Learn more about how you too can study abroad in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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