Derek Bradley of ISEP and Asia Exchange's contact person at Shanghai University
Derek Bradley of ISEP and Xiao Xiao, Asia Exchange’s contact person at Shanghai University.


Asia Exchange is proud to announce its partnership with ISEP, one of the biggest study abroad communities in the world. This is a unique moment since Asia Exchange is the first study abroad organization to partner up with ISEP.  ISEP operates in 50 different countries and aims to help students overcome the financial and academic barriers to study abroad. Founded in 1979, they have extensive experience with student mobility and have so far sent over 54,000 students abroad.


Derek Bradley, the Director of Member Relations of ISEP
Derek is responsible for ISEP’s relations in Asia Pacific.


Derek Bradley, the Director of Member Relations of ISEP, was an immense help in making this happen. Asia Exchange and ISEP first crossed paths years ago when Derek and Tuomas Kauppinen, one of the co-founders of Asia Exchange, first met at the APAIE Conference in Beijing in 2015.


“It became clear there was partnership potential because of Asia Exchange’s attractive programs and unbeatable prices,” Derek commented on possibility of starting a collaboration between the two organizations. That meeting has finally come to a fruition, when in May 2017, the agreement about the partnership of Asia Exchange and ISEP was signed.




Asia Exchange has a phenomenal team that can be wholeheartedly trusted with ISEP’s students,” Derek listed as one of the reason why ISEP came to the decision to form the partnership. While conducting the official ISEP site visits in Bali and Shanghai, he was especially impressed with the way Asia Exchange staff interacted with students and provided the best possible service for them. “We are eager to send lots of students on these programs and work together for many years to come.”


We are sure this will be the start of a long and fruitful partnership that will benefit the students wishing to study abroad through ISEP. They receive the full benefits of Asia Exchange’s expertise and will also have more destination options in Asia.



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