Was your exchange semester in Hong Kong canceled?

Did you have to cut short your autumn semester? Are you still looking for an option to study in Asia during spring? We have heard some unfortunate news from Hong Kong in recent months and followed the unfolding of events closely. The situation is very lamentable for everyone and we hope that things will improve very soon.

Lately, some universities have decided to call back their students from Hong Kong. Some have decided against sending students there for the upcoming spring semester.

hong kong skyline
We have some great study abroad option in Asia for you if your exchange semester in Hong Kong has been canceled  Photo by Dan Freeman

We definitely don’t want any student to miss out on the experience of a lifetime because of the events taking place. 

Coincidentally, we can still help you study abroad in Asia in the spring! The application process on our website is as easy as it gets, and we can provide acceptance for students within 48 hours in most cases. 

Here are the easiest options: 

  • sign up to our partner university in China (Shanghai) or Taiwan (Taipei) by Saturday 30th of November and attend a semester starting either in February or March. We will also do our absolute best to extend that deadline a bit further if you need more time to apply. If that would be the case, please let us know via info@asiaexchange.org or call us +358 45 322 1230.
  • semester at Shanghai University costs 1990EUR and at Shih Chien University (Taipei) 1890EUR. The price covers the tuition fee of the university and the full service of Asia Exchange. Please check out the above links for more information about the universities, courses and semester dates. 

Shanghai University, you can apply here 

shanghai skyline
Choose to study in Shanghai instead of Hong Kong. Photo By Zhang Kaiyl

Shih Chien University, you can apply here

  • if your semester was cut short in Hong Kong and you are looking for options to extend your stay in Asia, there are couple of options in addition to Shanghai and Taipei. Our partner university in Phuket, Thailand has agreed to still accept students for the semester beginning in December. In addition, we are still exploring the opportunities to help students to our partner universities in Bangkok (Siam University) and Bali (Udayana University) for semesters beginning in January.
  • semester at Prince of Songkla University costs 1990EUR. The price covers the tuition fee of the university and the full service of Asia Exchange. Please check out the above links for more information about the university, courses and semester dates

Prince of Songkla University (Phuket), you can apply here

  • you also have a chance to sign up to one of our partner universities in Bali, Indonesia for the semester running from April to July. Warmadewa University organizes two programs, which are highly recommendable for any student looking for international experience and international career options. Bali Business Foundation program is an excellent choice for any aspiring entrepreneur, whereas Warmadewa International Program concentrates more on general Business and Economics studies. 
  • semester at Warmadewa University costs 1790EUR. The price covers the tuition fee of the university and the full service of Asia Exchange. Please check out the above links for more information about the different programs, courses and semester dates.

Bali Business Foundation Program, you can apply here

study entrepreneurship in bali
Study entrepreneurship in Bali

Warmadewa International Program, you can apply here 

  • you would still like to study in Asia during spring 2020, please act quickly and submit your application on our website. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact us at info@asiaexchange.org, the live chat on our website or call us +358 45 322 1230.

Asia Exchange will be more than happy to help and find solutions for you!

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