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Asia can easily be described as the most vivacious of all continents. Its many cultures and their fascinating fusion makes for an open-ended learning experience.  Very often, students who studied abroad in Asia for just one semester wish they could have stayed longer.

One option is to study for two semesters. This allows you to properly settle into the local rhythm, get to know the culture and explore your surroundings more in depth. Your whole study abroad experience becomes more vivid and you’re able to take in more of your environment. This, in turn, enables you to perceive and seize more opportunities than during a shorter stay.

Another option is to “go the whole hog” and opt for a full degree abroad. This is, in fact, the perfect way to kickstart an international career, as you can fully immerse yourself in a foreign culture for several years. This will expand your worldview like no other experience and lead to numerous personal and professional benefits, such as the ability to understand and interact with people from another culture, greater mental flexibility and enhanced problem-solving skills.

The Amazing Career Benefits of Studying Abroad

Many students report that they gained more career opportunities after studying abroad in Asia. One student who studied abroad in China for a semester reported that after she started mentioning her study abroad semester in her CV, she suddenly got offered all the three jobs she applied for.

Sometimes studying abroad helps you define your own career path. Take the example of Marvin, who after his study abroad semester in Bali decided to stay and become an entrepreneur there. Or Roosa, whose gap year in Asia influenced her choice of major and later opened up many employment opportunities. For Bianca, studying abroad helped her to score her dream job.

bianca study abroad in bali dream job
Bianca from Germany found her dream job through studying abroad.

Completing an entire degree at abroad raises the bar to another level. You will have countless more options and opportunities for either further studies or employment at home or abroad.

When you complete a degree abroad, you will end up graduating with not only all the skills and knowledge that come with your degree, but also with an in-depth knowledge of the local culture and a heightened intercultural awareness. You will become a global-minded expert with an increased ability for taking new perspectives and solving problems creatively. Such skills are in high demand in today’s complex, interconnected world.

The options an international degree provides you with are priceless in the changing job markets and make you adaptable to the challenges of the 21st century career paths.

Bachelor’s Degree at Siam University in Bangkok – Your Gateway to the World

We offer students the opportunity to complete an entire Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) at Siam University, one of the top schools in Bangkok. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, you can also opt for a Master’s degree at Siam and further advance your career opportunities with an international MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree.

Having a degree from one of the top universities in Bangkok is an unquestionable advantage for anyone striving for a career in international business and finance, since the value of in-depth knowledge of Asian economies, markets, cultures and societies is only going to grow.

An international Bachelor’s degree permits a you to apply to almost any English Master’s degree program in or close to your field of studies. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Siam University you can therefore apply for Master’s programs in universities around the world.

About Siam University

Siam University, located in Western Bangkok, is the fifth largest university in Thailand. There are over 20 000 students studying at Siam University at any given time. The university has a strong international agenda and hosts hundreds of exchange students every year, including dozens of Asia Exchange students. The president of the university, Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, has a high regard for all the  international students coming from many different students at siam university - study in bangkok thailand

International students at Siam University

Learn more about Siam University

“Our strength lies in our emphasis on excellent teaching standards and their continuous improvement.”

Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, President of Siam University and President Emeritus of the International Association of Universities (IAU)

Studies in the BBA Program at Siam University

As a student in the BBA program your major will be International Business. The studies are completed in four years at most, depending on your chosen pace.

A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration provides you with a thorough understanding of the various aspects of international business, from theories and concepts to how actual agents behave in the global markets. The studies include economics, accounting, international business law and international finance. Additionally, you can choose from a range of elective courses such as Thai culture and psychology.

The majority of the teaching staff have studied and taught around the globe. This international mind-set is an essential component in their ability to equip their students with cutting edge knowledge, skills and a rigorous attitude to staying on top of your area of expertise.

Learn more about courses and studies in the BBA program

Applying to the BBA Program at Siam University

You can apply and begin your Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) at Siam University as soon as you finish your upper secondary/high school education. There is no entrance exam. To successfully complete your studies, you need to have a good command of English. There is a possibility to take English language courses in the beginning of your studies.

You can begin your studies either in Semester 1 (Autumn) or Semester 2 (Spring).

To apply, you will only need to submit a copy of your high school diploma or a similar document along with a copy of your passport. You can apply easily online and will receive a confirmation of your study placement already within a week.

See the semester dates, application deadlines and how to apply.

Live and Study in One of Asia’s Most Iconic Cities

Thailand is one of the most quickly developing countries in the region and its capital, Bangkok, is among one of the most influential international financial centers. Bangkok is also a thrilling location to make your new home. As one of the most iconic cities of whole Asia, each day and behind every corner there’s something new to discover. It’s also an excellent place from which to travel around whole South East Asia.



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