Asia Exchange’s Official Statement Regarding COVID-19

COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, affects the whole world now. The virus originated in China, but according to WHO, the epicenter has now moved to Europe. 

As an organization striving to provide students with once-in-a-lifetime study abroad experiences, it is our duty to support our students and partners during these complicated circumstances. However, we are not healthcare professionals so please refer to your local governments, healthcare professionals and airlines for guidelines concerning travel, healthcare, and safety. Moving forward, we want you to know that our commitment to ensuring smooth and safe study-abroad experiences has not changed.

To our students studying in Bali

Udayana University is organizing its courses online and students can participate remotely in Bali or in their home countries. On March 30th and April 3rd we have two programs starting at Warmadewa University. The university has also decided to host their courses online for the time being. The semesters will start online and will be available for students already in Bali but also for students still in their home countries. Teaching will be changed to on-site classes as soon as the situation allows it. Due to the flexibility and online arrangements, students can register to the programs still until March 27th (WIP) and March 30 (BBF). These programs are available also for any student whose initial semester in Bali has been canceled.

To our current students at other study destinations around Asia

Our partner universities are taking necessary actions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus around Asia. In Korea, the first two weeks of the semester are being held remotely according to ministry guidelines and the situation is being monitored constantly. The same is being done at Universiti Putra Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. Shih Chien University in Taiwan has set up testing points at every entrance to the campus and no students are allowed in if they have a temperature of over 37.5. 

“Yes, there are not many cases compared to Europe. It does not spread fast anymore here in Malaysia. We were a little bit shocked at the beginning that there were a lot of face masks, which was scary, but you see less of them now.” – Julia, German student at Universiti Putra Malaysia

“At this moment I feel very safe here in Bali.” Natalie, French Student at Udayana University

To students still traveling to their study destinations spring 2020

We advise students to monitor healthcare regulations set by officials in their country of residence or by the local authorities and follow airline companies’ guidelines on travel. Our team in Bali is doing its best to share information with students arriving in Bali as well as students already at the destination. You should not hesitate to contact us at if you have questions regarding the current situation or your semester abroad.

To students going to study abroad in Autumn 2020

We understand that the current worldwide situation regarding the Coronavirus is uncertain and creates confusion and anxiety. We also understand that sometimes in life you might face unexpected things that change plans. We here at Asia Exchange believe, that even during the darkest times, something worth waiting for is needed to get through the tough times.

For now, we offer all our current students the chance to postpone their semesters in Asia. We also want to announce that semesters at all our destinations are planned and scheduled to be held normally in autumn 2020. However, we have decided to refund the application fees for the autumn semester and summer schools that are scheduled for 2020 if the cancellation is done due to Coronavirus. It is important that people stay informed, and we do our best to inform our students and partners about the ongoing situation in Asia.



Harri, Managing Director and Co-Founder
Tuomas, Director and Co-Founder
Team Asia Exchange

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