Working together for student mobility

Dear Study Abroad Advisor or International Coordinator,

without your work and efforts, international student exchanges and multi-cultural university campuses would not be the norm we now take for granted.

In the last few decades, Asia has become more and more important. Knowledge of Asian languages, insights into Asian societies and experience of these rapidly growing economies will help students enter and thrive in the ever-changing and challenging global job market.

Bilateral exchange agreements form the backbone of student mobility. Our mission is to provide students with an additional avenue for studying abroad in Asia, while we also support more established channels of student exchange.

In pursuing our mission, we benefit everyone: students, sending universities and the host universities – our partner universities.

How we benefit our students, by putting them first in everything we do

Chance to study abroad at top Asian universities and choose among a diverse number of programs and courses

Affordable tuition fees

Simple, streamlined application procedure with confirmation already in up to a week

Chance to study abroad at top Asian universities and choose among a diverse number of programs and courses

Together with our carefully selected  partner universities we strive to offer a diverse range of courses suitable for students from many academic backgrounds.

Affordable tuition fees

We negotiate the tuition fees with each partner university individually and strive to keep them as low as possible.

Simple, streamlined application procedure with confirmation already in up to a week

Our simple, efficient and time-tested application procedure means that a student can have their study abroad placement confirmed as quickly as in a day, or at most in a week, removing waiting and uncertainty from the equation.

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Asia Exchange offers great services. Their replies to your questions are as fast as Usain Bolt. All the information you need can be found on the website. Asia Exchange is a bridge for making your dreams come true!

Nguyen, Germany

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Thank you for supporting people who want to spend a semester abroad in Asia! You have made planning and applying so much easier.

Nina, Germany

How we benefit sending universities


Complementing existing students
mobility channels


Reducing administrative


Extensive expertise in Asia and its
higher education systems

Complementing existing student mobility channels

While bilateral agreements will always form the backbone of student mobility, we offer a complementary, simple and secure avenue for studying abroad for those students who are not able to find a suitable placement through bilateral agreements alone.

Reducing administrative workload

We help the sending universities by acting as the direct link between the student and the host university, thereby reducing the administrative workload for both parties.

Extensive expertise in Asia and its higher education systems

We keep up-to-date with the latest news and developments concerning to our host countries’ higher education systems, political landscape and visa regulations, and are happy to offer our expertise to higher education professionals dealing with Asian countries.

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Being a student at a world-class university such as Kasetsart University allowed me to get to know and enjoy every single aspect of Thai life & culture. Even though I studied hard, I had also time to visit other South-East Asian countries. A student gets to know locals and the culture much better than a tourist. I heard each and every student saying ‘I will come back here as soon as possible’.

Angela, Italy, studied in Bangkok, Thailand

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Studying at Udayana University has been a great experience. The courses and workshops will be of most use to me in the future.

Katriina, Finland Studied in Bali, Indonesia

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The study program developed my skills for interacting in a multicultural environment. It increased my self-knowledge as well as my knowledge on Asian business life and culture. The quality of the courses was excellent. Many of my courses were better than at my home university.

Mirella, Sweden Studied in Phuket, Thailand

How we benefit host universities

Partnership with internationally recognized and easy-to-work-with organization

Recruitment of talented and well-prepared  students free-of-charge

Help with administrative tasks

Partnership with internationally recognized and easy-to-work-with organization

Having operated in the field of international student mobility since 2007, we have formed trusted partnerships with Asian universities in many countries, with which we maintain good personal relationships. We also consult our partners in their internationalization efforts and have helped them to kickstart international study abroad programs.

Recruitment of talented, well-prepared international students free-of-charge

All our partner universities strive to further internationalize their profile and attract talented foreign students from all over the world. We help them make themselves known and increase their number of incoming students.
We provide students with extensive information materials to make them well-prepared for their study abroad experience ahead.

Help with administrative tasks

With managing student mobility comes a large amount of administrative work. Our streamlined application procedure, developed together with our partner universities, smoothens the admission process significantly and reduces administration workload and costs for all parties involved.

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