Get to know the energetic team behind Asia Exchange! Besides the people below, we have many passionate interns, alumni and partners helping us to spread the word about the benefits of studying in Asia.


Harri Suominen

Managing Director, Co-Founder

Passionate entrepreneur in education since 2007, big ice hockey fan and inspirational speaker. Feels privileged to make his living with businesses that make a difference. Grateful for being able to help people find their goals and live their dreams.

Harri studied abroad in Athens, Greece and in Shanghai, China.


Tuomas Kauppinen

Director, Co-Founder

Sharp-minded study abroad specialist with ambitious goals. Refuses to give-up and encourages everyone around him to reach excellent results. A great founder, father and friend based in Hong Kong. When not working, Tuomas is surfing, traveling and learning Mandarin Chinese.

Tuomas studied abroad in Greensboro, USA and in Shanghai, China.


Pekka Pernu

Business Development Manager

Easygoing team spirit booster with an eye for new business opportunities. Part of his job is making the team happy and he’s just the right person to do that – his approachability and good moods is contagious!

Pekka studied abroad in Beijing, China. He has also work experience from Spain and Iceland.



Anna-Mari Pietikäinen (on maternity leave)

Operations Manager 

Anna-Mari is a walking Asia Exchange and study abroad encyclopedia. And not only that. Thanks to her eye for talent, we have grown to be a team that we are today.

Anna-Mari studied abroad at University of Tartu, Estonia. She has also work experience from Belgium and the Netherlands.




Administration & Student Advising


International Coordinator

Katri is our multilingual destination coordinator. On her free time she creates the funniest memes and she knows everything about 90´s and 00’s Britpop!

Katri studied abroad in Germany, Austria and Iceland and did an internship in Ankara, Turkey.




International Relations Specialist

Eini is our East Asia guru and a cheerful member of our administrative team. On her free time, she is a wanna-be dog owner and constantly looking for uncommon home décor. Eini has definitely been bitten by the travel bug and has the most instagrammable travel photos.

Eini is a former intern at Asia Exchange. She has work experience from France.



International Coordinator

Always professional and super efficient in the office. Elsi can be caught either dealing with a home university from the US, a student from Netherlands and a host university in Indonesia – all simultaneously. She’s a true international multitasker. If she feels relaxed and a bit wild, you might see her windmilling her ponytail!

Elsi studied abroad in Australia. She has also work experience from Switzerland, Spain and Germany.




IT Team


IT Coordinator

Wonderful colleague with can-do attitude. Always comes up with great ideas and has the energy to help other team members. Miika is a true karaoke star, fluent speaker of German and English and strongly experienced in CRM, SEO and website planning.

Miika studied abroad in Regensburg, Germany and in Guangzhou, China.



Networking & Marketing


Engagement Specialist

Nina is an extremely kind and positive person with a lot of international experience. She is always ready to help and she works with her whole heart.

Nina studied abroad in Bangalore, India. She has also work experience from Laos and Nepal.





International Coordinator

Elisa Kemppainen Asia Exchange

Elisa is an enthusiastic SEO and digital marketing guru, and a world traveler with many stories and experiences to share. She brings energy wherever she goes!

Elisa worked and lived in the USA, Australia and New Zealand and studied abroad in Canada.

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