To celebrate our 10th anniversary, for the last few months we have been running the Win the Experience of a Lifetime –contest, in which we were looking for a student to study for a semester in one of Asia Exchange study abroad destinations and share his/her experiences with the rest of the world on social media.

The number of great applications from all over the world made us very happy – yet it did take us a good while to first narrow the applicants down to six people who were then interviewed. Also in the applications that didn’t make the cut there was so much talent and enthusiasm that we will be strongly considering doing a similar contest in the coming years. In all honesty, every single one of the interviewed students could have been a winner, yet it was Thomas E. Kingston from UK who impressed us the most.

Thomas E. Kingston from UK was chosen to be the winner of ‘Experience of a Lifetime’ competition, and will be heading over to study in Seoul this autumn.

Thomas, a mid-twenties law graduate, currently studying his masters in Pacific Asian studies at SOAS London University, not only demonstrated overall positive attitude, broad skills in social media and blog writing, and great interest towards the position as our “Social Media Superstar” – but also genuine enthusiasm and knowledge about Asia and South Korea in particular. Thomas will be heading over to study at HUFS in Seoul this fall with flights and tuition fees paid for by us! See a short video clip from him right below!


Congratulation to Thomas – we are excited to get to share studying abroad experience in Korea with the rest of the world through his eyes. And thank you again to everyone who applied!