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Why choose Asia Exchange?

“We’ve heard great things about Asia Exchange, particularly about your programs in Indonesia and Thailand.” – Mr. Andy Wilcox, Business Associate, The Harvard Advocate, Harvard University

Study abroad affordably in Bali (Indonesia), Lombok (Indonesia)China, Korea, MalaysiaThailand and Japan.

Étudier en Asie - 10 raisons pour choisir Asia Exchange

We believe in sending students abroad as affordably, conveniently and safely as possible. Our company blue print is based on keeping the fees low, providing excellent and fast customer service and taking care of each of our students pre-, during and post- semester.


Asia Exchange Charity - Asia Center Foundation


Our charity work is very important to us.  We support an orphanage in Bali and a local charity in Phuket which helps under-privileged children and provides them with education opportunities. We organize trips to our charities each semester and provide internship and volunteering opportunities in them for our students. The student life in Asia can often be quite luxurious – we want each one of our students to see the other side as well. Read more.

Why Asia Exchange programs?

The study abroad programs are well-rounded, interesting and affordable. We put a lot of effort in arranging and polishing each one of our programs because we want to ensure that every student has the best possible study abroad experience in Asia. Thanks to our partnership agreements with Asian universities, we have been able to reduce the total costs by half when compared to what exchange studies in Asia normally cost for free movers.

Local Mataram University Students

The options for students wishing to study in Asia have mainly been bilateral agreements between universities or finding placements independently as free movers. However, there are not enough available options for each student interested in studying abroad in Asia.

Traditionally, it has been very difficult for a free mover students interested in Asia to find a suitable university and gather information about available courses, application procedures, eligibility requirements, semesters and their lengths and costs. Students have also had to find information, for example, about traveling, vaccinations, scholarships and visas on their own, or ask their home institution’s exchange coordinator to make inquiries on their behalf. Many students would like to go study abroad with a friend, but the strict student quotas have sometimes made it impossible to do so. Asia Exchange answers to these challenges.

Read more about our study abroad programs.

Excellent value for your money

  • Asia Exchange was founded by two former exchange students who want to provide the experiences they have had in Asia for more students
  • We strive to send as many students to Asia as possible, in contrast to helping fewer students who pay more for their semesters
  • The application and acceptance procedure is standardized and simple which reduces the operational costs to a minimum
  • We selects our partners very carefully, based on their academic standards, international reputation and students’ reviews
  • A part of students’ tuition fees are donated to our charities.

>> Read more about the program fees

“Studying abroad in Asia has been by far the best experience of my life. I want to thank Asia Exchange for making this possible!”


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