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Bali Summer School

Join a summer school in Bali, Indonesia

Imagine the best summer of your life studying on the world-famous holiday island of Bali. Bali Summer School enables you to earn 10-20 ECTS credits in one month, and also gives you a chance to discover Bali and the many exciting recreational activities the island has to offer!

Our long-term partner, Udayana University, offers an affordable international 4-week summer school, which suits students from all backgrounds. In 2017, the semester dates for Bali Summer School (BSS) are from July 31st to August 25th.

The application process is quick and easy: just fill in the application form and send us the required attachments. Your placement will be confirmed within a week.

Highlights of studying in Bali in the summer

The tropical island of Bali provides a very unique setting for your studies. From the volcanoes reaching up to the sky, to the ancient Hindu temples surrounded by unbelievably green rice terraces, and down to the pristine coastline where the blue waves of Indian Ocean are hitting the white sand beaches and lively reefs, Bali has culture and natural sights to leave any traveler amazed.

In one month, you can complete 2-4 courses while learning about South East Asia and immersing yourself in the Indonesian culture and society. Being able to show that you studied in Asia will be a great asset in the job market, as well.

The BSS program is international, so you will make friends from all around the world and learn about intercultural communication. For many students, getting to live abroad in a new culture for one month is a life-changing experience itself.

If you are interested in studying abroad but for some reason cannot spend an entire semester abroad, Bali Summer School is the perfect solution for you. You will be back home in time for the autumn semester to start, having spent the summer learning a lot about yourself. You might even start to see the world from a slightly different perspective.

Our staff in Bali will help you to make the most out of your experience.

Udayana University

Study in Bali at Udayana University
Udayana University’s campus in Bukit Jimbaran

Udayana University is the largest and most renowned university in Bali. Founded in 1962, the university now has 13 faculties and teaches over 22,000 students. Most of the international students in Bali are from China, Japan, Malaysia, German-speaking countries, Nordic countries, the Netherlands and the United States. Udayana University has a comprehensive international network and its faculties have partner universities all over the world.

>> Read more about Udayana University

Courses and studying

Bali Summer School introduces students to topics in language, culture and economics.

>> Read more about studies at Bali Summer School

Fees for Bali Summer School

The Bali Summer School at Udayana University costs 1040 EUR (European students) or 1,190 USD (non-European students). The application fee is 50 EUR (or 97 USD for non-Europeans).
Asia Exchange can arrange accommodation near campus for students for approximately 200 EUR/USD. You will receive more information about the housing and the rent after the application deadline. You can then decide whether you wish to opt for the accommodation we have arranged or look for accommodation independently.

In addition to the study placement, you will benefit from Asia Exchange’s services, Asia Exchange Guide, Orientation Days and a pre-semester gathering at the beginning. The study materials are either provided free-of-charge or can be purchased very affordably.

Applying to Bali Summer School

Applying is easy. You’ll get a confirmation from Asia Exchange within a week. After that you can start preparing for the upcoming study abroad period.


For whom is the program intended?

Typical exchange students at Udayana University are students of business, technology, art, social sciences, political science and tourism. There are frequently students from other study backgrounds as well, who decide to complement their degree with interesting minor subjects. Bali Summer School is suitable for all students who are interested in Asia.

Regardless of your study background, the study abroad period will be an asset when entering the job market and competing for jobs later on in life. Studying abroad will develop creative thinking skills and intercultural competence, which are highly valued by employers in today’s globalized world.

The island of Bali, despite being small, caters to all ages and interests from golfing to local culture and arts, in addition to the devoted sun bathers and ocean-lovers who can enjoy the white sandy beaches all around the island. Are you interested in studying in Bali, and love surfing? Find out more about combining the two on our Surf and Study -page.

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Semesters & application periods


4 weeks
Max. Credits:
Program fee:
1040 EUR or 1190 USD
Summer 2017
Program dates:
July 31 – August 25
July 31
Application deadline:
May 31, 2017
Summer 2018
Program dates (initial):
July 30 – August 24
July 30
Application deadline:
April 30, 2018


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