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Internships in Asia

Internships for university students in Asia

Gain work experience in Asia! Asia Exchange offers and organizes internships for university students. There are hundreds of places available for students from various fields of studies.

Internships in Southeast Asia

Asia Exchange’s partner organization organizes internships in Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia). Most of the available placements at the moment are in Thailand.

The following fields are available for internships in Asian countries:

• Architecture Internship
• Arts Internship
• Business Development Internship
• Communication Internship
• Engineering Internship
• Entrepreneurship Internship
• Environmental Internship
• Fashion Internship
• Finance Internship
• Hospitality and Tourism Internship
• Human Resource Internship
• Import Export Internship
• Information Technology Internship
• Interior Design Internship
• Journalism Internship
• Law Internship
• Manufacturing Internship
• Medicine Internship
• NGO Internship
• PR & Marketing Internship
• Real Estate Internship
• Strategic Management Internship
• Supply Chain and Logistics Internship
• Web Design Internship

>> Read more about internships in South East Asia and apply here

Internships in Indonesia

The following internships and fields are available in Indonesia:

  • Education and English Teaching
  • Business & Marketing
  • Tourism and Leisure
  • Sociology and Culture
  • Sales and Customer Service
  • International Business Relations and trade
  • Journalism
  • Development and Asian Studies
  • Custom projects, depending on applicant’s background and preferences

>> Read more about internships in Indonesia and apply here

Please note: Internship Indonesia offers 5% discount off the internship arrangement fee for applicants who mention Asia Exchange in the section “how do you know about Internship Indonesia”.

Internships in China

Our partner organization provides internships in the following fields in China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Suzhou or Hangzhou):

  • Hotel Hospitality Internship
  • BA Internships (GM Assistant)
  • Hotel Management Trainee
  • International Marketing & Sales
  • Law Internship (paralegal)
  • Business Administration Internship
  • Electrical & Electronic Internship
  • English Editing & Teaching
  • Product Advocate Assistant
  • Civil Engineering Internship
  • PR & Communications Internship
  • Logistics Internship
  • Industrial Design Internship

>> Read more here

Additionally, InternChina offers internships in the following fields in Qingdao, Zhuhai, Chengdu or Dalian:

>> Read more and apply here

Please note: InternChina offers 5% discount off the internship arrangement fee for applicants who mention Asia Exchange in the section “How did you hear about InternChina”. 

Internships in Hong Kong

Am.azed is an interactive platform connecting startups and students to local and global networks. The convenient platform enables students to chat with startups in various regions in the hopes of joining their startup journey. Internships are mostly based in Hong Kong, but there is a growing number of internships available in other countries too.

>> Read more here

Internships at Asia Exchange

Are you interested in an internship at a small but international company? Would you like to gain experience in communications, marketing, event management and administration?

AE has about five exciting and diverse internship positions available every year for university students and recent graduates. The internships take place in our study abroad destinations in Asia and in our office in Tampere, Finland. Many members of the current Asia Exchange team did also begin their careers as interns, but gained permanent positions after their successful internships.

Here’s a story of Eini, the latest addition to our globally growing Asia Exchange family.

If you became interested, please send us an open application together with your CV to jobs(at) or reply to our job ads which we publish normally twice a year on our careers page. The internships are unpaid, but most students get scholarships from their home institution for the length of the internship.

Internship at Asia Exchange Host Universities
Some Asia Exchange students have found an internship at their Asian host university’s international office. If you are interested in this opportunity, please let AE and your contact person at the university know about this during your semester abroad.

Finding an internship on your own

Finding an internship abroad independently is usually quite time-consuming and the process can be complicated. Especially in Asia, in order to find a placement and get selected, you often have to visit your future employee during the application process. That’s why a lot of the students look for an internship while studying abroad at their favorite destination. While in the destination you have the chance to build up a contact network and get to know interesting organizations. When looking for placement on your own, be active and contact several different organizations. Make sure to look into different resources for information on work permits, visas, accommodation and scholarships.

Volunteering and interning at a charity or non-profit organization

You are welcome to apply independently to Asia Exchange’s charity destinations in Thailand and Indonesia. Learn more here.

Students testimonials

"Working with children in Indonesia has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life. I was an assistant teacher and even though my little students were eager to learn, I think I learnt double the amount that they did during our time together."
- Paul, France

"Living in Shanghai for the past four months was hands down amazing! Everything I’ve learned from understanding how a Chinese company operates to using the language has enriched my life so much."
- Ginny S., USA

“I had a great time during my three-month internship in Shanghai. It was a good opportunity for me to meet new people and experience a new culture. While there, I worked in the marketing department of a design company and gained valuable work experience. ”
- Caitlin B., USA


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