Applying to study abroad can be easy

Applying to study abroad doesn’t have to involve endless paperwork and months of uncertainty about whether you get accepted or not.

We can help you apply to study abroad in Asia quickly, easily and securely. In most cases, all that’s needed is a copy of your passport and a Transcript of Records. You can choose to apply for one or two semesters, take part in a summer school session or even complete a full degree in Asia.

You also don’t have to wait weeks or months for a confirmation. We’ll confirm your study abroad placement as quickly as within a week. After that you can focus on what matters: preparing for the life-changing experiences ahead.


 easy application process
 secured study place
 affordable tuition fees

Who can apply?

In most cases, everyone over 18 years with a high school diploma can apply to our study abroad programs (see minimum criteria). If you’re interested in Asia and ready to take on a challenge, we welcome you on board!

Stay tuned as we’ll walk you through the application process below.

Apply to study abroad in Asia in 6 simple steps
Asia Exchange application process in a nutshell


6 Steps To Take-Off – Your Path To Life-Changing Experiences

  • Choose the destination and university

    Choose the program that suits you

    Choose where and how long you want to study. Some of the available destinations have several universities (for example Bangkok) and some of the universities offer several kinds of programs. You can apply for one or two semesters, take part in a summer school or complete a full degree. Some universities offer courses both on Bachelor’s (undergraduate) and Master’s (graduate) level.

    Make a study plan

    If you’re currently enrolled at a university, college or some other institution of higher education, confirm with them that you can study abroad. Make a preliminary study plan by using the course descriptions available on our website and present the plan to your home institution for approval. This way you can already find out if the credits you earn abroad can be accepted as a part of your degree at home.

    Read about student experiences & contact former students

    Read about our former students’ experiences. Not only will get a feel for how student life looks like where you’re heading, but you also get to pick up some useful advice for your own semester abroad. You can even contact some of our Ambassadors and ask for some insider tips.

  • Apply online

    Submit your application

    After deciding where you want to go, check out the application instructions on our website for the university you have chosen. Get the required attachments, fill out the online application form and submit it with the attachments. Find the instructions and forms on the page of each university below:

    Want to stay longer?

    You can also apply for two semesters at the same or a different university. This is something you can decide later on as well, if you feel like you would like to extend your stay in Asia.

    If you apply to a second semester afterwards and/or want to apply to another destination and university, please indicate it in your application.

  • Quick confirmation: Initial Acceptance Letter and Application Fee

    Confirmation of your study abroad placement

    After you have submitted your electronic application together with valid attachments, we will send you an email with your initial acceptance letter within a week. The letter confirms your placement in the program. Exceptions to the one week confirmation are:

    • If you apply for an exchange semester at Rangsit University at Master’s (graduate) level. you will get a confirmation within 10 days
    • If you apply for a full Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at Rangsit University, you will get a confirmation within 3–4 weeks.

    The application fee invoice will be sent soon after the initial acceptance letter.

    What if you have to cancel?

    If for some reason you’re not able to participate in the study abroad semester, you can cancel your participation one month before the program starts at the latest. See the terms and conditions for cancellation.

  • Travel arrangements and other preparations

    Get prepared

    After receiving your initial acceptance letter you can begin your travel preparations. See our student’s checklist for all the necessary steps to take. On our website you will also find information on flights and travel insurance.


    With some destinations you can book a dorm room, while at other destinations you need to take care of your own accommodation arrangements. See our accommodation page for the types of accommodation available at each destination.

    Asia Exchange Guide

    Together with your initial acceptance letter you will also get a link to the Asia Exchange Guide for your destination. This Guide has more accommodation options and will cover much more besides, including how to find your way to the university, safety tips and and getting the best phone subscription deals. You will get the most up-to-date version of the Guide about 2 months before the semester.

    Funding & scholarships

    If you need to apply for funding, do so early. Visit our scholarship page for more information on scholarship resources.

  • Payment, official acceptance letter and visa

    Tuition fee

    We’ll send you the invoice for the tuition fee approximately 2.5 months before the start of the semester. It will be due one month before the semester.

    Official acceptance letter

    You will also get the host university’s official acceptance letter a month before the semester starts at the latest. The letter will be sent to your street address you wrote in your application, so keep us updated if you happen to move.

    Student visa

    With the official acceptance letter you can apply for a student visa. Depending on the destination, applying for the visa might take from a few days up to a couple of weeks. See our visa pages for more information on how and when to apply for a visa.

  • Arrival and orientation

    Ready, set, go!

    Once you have your student visa in hand, you’re good to go! Pack your backs, throw a farewell party and step into the best adventure of your life! We recommend you to arrive in time for the orientation, where you will learn how to navigate in the everyday academic life of your host university.

    Keep your friends posted

    Let your friends and family know about your adventures by writing a student blog. Be active, take part in your classes and learn everything you can both in- and outside of the classroom. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so make the most of it!

How much does it cost?

We think everybody should have the chance to study abroad in Asia, so we strive to keep our programs as affordable as possible. We negotiate the tuition fees with each of our partner universities individually and can thereby offer the study abroad programs at discounted rates. Our service ensures that you save lots of time and effort as well. Read about our fees.

“We wanted to thank you already for you excellent services! Every question has been quickly and thoroughly answered! Light-heartedly, we are heading towards new and unforgettable experiences via Asia Exchange.”

– Ilkka and Erika (Finland), studied abroad in Phuket, Thailand

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