Study abroad in Seoul, Korea

Studying in Seoul, Korea

Study abroad in Seoul, Korea and combine the excellent academic standards of the Korean education system with living in one of the most modern and diverse Asian countries! Students can join the exchange program either for one or two semesters.

Asia Exchange’s partner university in South Korea is Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), in Seoul. Students have to be enrolled in a home university in order to receive a place in Korea.

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), has been continuously ranked as the best  international university in Korea. The ranking encompasses the areas of exchange student  ratio and satisfaction, curriculum and teaching staff, and international cooperation and  networks. HUFS was also ranked 3rd in the world in the category of Language Education in the QS World University Rankings in 2013.

Study in Seoul - Hankuk University of Foreign Studies - Asia Exchange

Founded just after the Korean War, in 1954, HUFS has strived for reconstruction,  development, internationalization and peace-building since its establishment. These qualities have come to define HUFS as the most international university in Korea, with an  extensive network of governmental bodies and organizations both in Korea and abroad.

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Courses and studying

Study Languages, International Relations and Politics, Business and Economics, Social Sciences and Law. There are both Bachelor’s and Master’s courses available.

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Fees for a study abroad semester

A study abroad semester at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies costs 1790 EUR. This is significantly less expensive than for regular free mover students, who pay up to 2500 EUR per semester. You can check the regular prices on the university’s website. The application fee is 75 EUR.

Non-European students: check the fees here.

In addition to the study place, you’ll benefit from AE’s services, receive an AE Guide, an AE Student Card (student discounts) and the Orientation Days at the destination. The study materials are either provided free-of-charge or can be acquired very affordably.

When participating in two semesters at HUFS, students will be given a 100 EUR discount on the tuition fee of the second semester. The tuition for both semesters is paid before the start of the study abroad program.

Applying to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

It’s easy to apply to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. You’ll get a confirmation from Asia Exchange within a week of applying. After that you can start preparing for the upcoming study abroad semester.

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For whom is the program intended?

South Korean education system has been ranked as one of the best in the world for several decades now. The competition to get into the capital city’s best universities starts in kindergarten and is ruthless. HUFS suits students who are ambitious, have excellent language skills and are willing to work hard during their study abroad semester.

A semester at HUFS will also enable you to get to know the country’s history (and understand Cold War politics in action today), befriend K-pop stars in the Gangnam district of Seoul and build a highly global network of future colleagues by mingling with the student body of South Korea’s number 1 international university.

Still not convinced? Check out these blogs updated by students currently on exchange/who spent the previous semester at HUFS!

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Semesters & application periods


3 1/2 months
Max. Credits:
ca. 30 ECTS
Tuition Fee:
1790 EUR
Spring 2016
Semester dates:
Feb 29, 2016 - June 20, 2016
Feb 26, 2016
Autumn 2016
Semester dates:
Aug 29th - Dec 16th
Aug 26th
Application deadline:
May 31st, 2016
Spring 2017
Semester dates (tentative):
Feb 27, 2017 - June 19, 2017
Feb 24, 2017
Application deadline:
Oct 31, 2016
Autumn 2017
Semester dates (tentative):
Aug 28th - Dec 15th
Application deadline:
May 31st, 2017

Students testimonials

”This school has one of the world's finest language programs. Come to this great university, where a new generation is taking its place in the world"
- President Barack Obama,
Remarks of the U.S. President at HUFS in 2012

”In addition to meeting and becoming friends with many Koreans, I also got to know people from several different other nationalities. HUFS has an extremely international student body and there are no clicks - everyone is interested in meeting you."
- Michael,
Prarie View A&M University, Texas


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