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Study in China and experience living in one of the most dynamic countries in the world! The importance of China is growing at an extraordinary rate. A study abroad semester in China is a sound investment into your future!

Asia Exchange represents two universities in China, Shanghai University and Guangzhou University. Find out more about the cities, universities and courses from below.

Combine both destinations for a full year abroad in China! You can also spend a second semester in Asia in any of our other destinations. Read more about the benefits of two semesters abroad from here.

Course offering

Shanghai University – See here
Guangzhou University – See here


Shanghai University, established in 1922, is a public, research-driven university at the heart of the city of Shanghai. The university gained its current form in 1994 after four different universities in Shanghai, all leaders in their fields of expertise, merged. Coincidentally, the current Shanghai University enjoys a reputation of having an excellent curriculum across different fields of studies, as well as having decades of experience in diversified disciplines. Read more

Guangzhou University (GU) was founded in 2000 when five universities in the city were combined into one university of 20,000 students. GU is a public university funded by the Guangzhou Municipal Government and recognized by the Ministry of Education in China as well as the International Association of Universities (IAO). Most of the students come from Guangzhou and the province of Canton, but there are also students from Hong Kong, Macau and abroad.

A large number of moves and shakers in Chinese economy, politics, law and technology have graduated from GU and the university strives at continuing to build its influence and resources further. Read more


A study abroad semester at Shanghai University costs 1490 EUR.
Application fee is 50 EUR.

A semester at Guangzhou University costs 1390 EUR.
The application fee is 50 EUR.

Non-European students: check the fees here.

In addition to the study place, you’ll benefit from AE’s services, receive an AE Guide, an AE Student Card (student discounts) and the Orientation Days at the destination. The study materials are either provided free-of-charge or can be acquired very affordably.

Students choosing to do two semesters abroad, either by combining the two destinations in China or choosing a second semester at any other of our destinations, will be eligible for a discount of 100 EUR on the second tuition fee. 

Unlike other free movers, non-native English speakers studying abroad via AE are not required to take a TOEFL English language proficiency test, which costs approximately 185 $. Please also take into account that the cost of living in Asia is very low.


It’s easy to apply and you’ll get a confirmation from Asia Exchange within a week from sending in your application and its attachments. After that you can start preparing for the upcoming study abroad semester.

Applying to Shanghai University
Applying to Guangzhou University


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Semesters & application periods

Shanghai University:
Spring 2015
Semester dates:
March 2 – May 31, 2015
March 3, 2015
Shanghai University:
Autumn 2015
Semester dates:
Sep 7 – Dec 7, 2015
Application deadline:
April 30, 2015
Shanghai University:
Spring 2016
March 2 – May 31, 2016
Application deadline:
Nov 30, 2015
Guangzhou University:
Autumn 2015
Semester dates:
Sep 1 - Dec 12, 2015
May 31, 2015
Guangzhou University:
Autumn 2016
Semester dates:
Sep 1 - Dec 12, 2016 Application deadline:
May 31, 2016

Students testimonials

"All the teachers are extremely professional. I'm so glad that our studies consist of many different courses and give us a comprehensive and in-depth view of the Chinese language, culture, economics and law.”

“One of the things I could never have imagined beforehand is how much this experienced contributed towards and benefited my career. I started to look for summer jobs and internships when I knew that I am coming to study here. I sent three applications to different places and I got all the jobs -all three!”
Jenna Hytti (Finland), studied in Guangzhou

"Studying abroad in Shanghai gave a direction to my life. That is when Asia truly started to amaze me and it has affected my personal and professional life ever since. Without the semester abroad I wouldn’t be where I’m now and I would have missed so many opportunities. I can only say that studying abroad is the best decision one can ever make during the study years."
- Harri, former exchange student in Shanghai and a co-founder of Asia Exchange


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