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Studying abroad in Asia

Why not combine living in exotic Asia with your university studies? Studying abroad enriches your world!

Asia Exchange enables you to study one or more semesters in Asia. Our task is to complement the existing study abroad agreements and at the same time increase the internationalization of students in a simple and affordable way.

Academic study abroad semesters

All our partner universities are accredited by UNESCO and the host countries’ Ministries of Education. Students can earn up to 35 ECTS credits or 20 U.S. credits per semester. The study abroad programs are 3–4 months in length and organized throughout the year.

An increasing number of students complete a part of their degree abroad. Most students find it to be the most exciting experience of their life so far. An exchange enables you to thoroughly explore a different culture and gives you a chance to become more independent while also progressing in your studies.

Asia offers an enticing environment to experience different cultures and familiarize yourself with the fastest growing economies of the world. Tropical climate, metropolises, affordable price level, traveling, friendly people and quality education make a semester in Asia a unique experience that will be enhance you resume and career prospects. Read more about why study in Asia.

Study or Intern in Asia with Asia Exchange

Our study abroad programs are organized in the following destinations:

  • Study in Bali, Indonesia
  • Study semester in Lombok
  • Study semester in Kuala Lumpur
  • Study semester in Bangkok
  • Study semester in Phuket
  • Study semester in Shanghai
  • Study semester in Guangzhou
  • Study semester in Korea
  • Study semester in Japan

Asia Exchange Host University Comparison Table 2017

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The universities are highly ranked in their respective host countries and lecturers normally have double degrees – one from their own country and one completed abroad.

There are several options for you to choose from in terms of the length of the study abroad semester:

  • You can take part in one or two study abroad semesters of approximately 4 months at any of the above destinations, or even go for a whole year at one or two different destinations to get the most out of your time abroad.
  • You can complete a full degree at Rangsit University or Siam University in Bangkok
  • You can participate in a shorter summer school program in Korea or Bali

Exciting destinations are not the only reason to study abroad in Asia. Students benefit from discounted tuition fees, standardized application procedure, guaranteed and fast acceptance and our customer services.

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