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Please note that the visa application process and the list of the required documents may change at any time. Make sure to get the latest information on the visa regulations directly from the Korean embassy in your home country. Getting a visa to a foreign country should never be taken for granted and cannot be guaranteed by Asia Exchange in any way. Please also refer to our terms and conditions.

Student Visa for Korea

All international students residing outside Korea will need to apply for a student visa at the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Korea. You must apply for the visa in person at your home country’s Korean embassy.

Apply for your student visa immediately after receiving your official acceptance letter from Korea. If you don’t have a student visa by the start of the semester, you will be fined.

You will also apply for an Alien Residence Card once in Korea. The card will enable you to make trips abroad during your semester in Korea. The host university will help you get the Card after you’ve arrived.

Please note that according to the official guidance of HUFS, you have to leave Korea within 1 week of the semester’s ending date, otherwise you’ll be heavily fined by the Korean Immigration.

The required documents for the student visa application (D-2)

  1. An application form no. 34  (download from the Korean embassy’s website, see an example here)
  2. Passport
  3. Photocopy of passport
  4. A color photo (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
  5. Application fee (54 EUR, except German students: see below)
  6. A copy of Business Registration Certificate of Korean university (AE will mail this to you)
  7. Acceptance letter from the Korean university (AE will mail this to you)
  8. Proof of finances that cover the living costs for your semester in Korea (see below for more information)
  9. A recommendation letter from your home university
  10. A document proving you have completed one or more semesters at your home university (i.e. transcript of records)

Additional information and documents for German students:

  • German citizens are exempted from the application fee for a student visa
  • Additional documents:
    – A Korean contact person (include address and phone number); Ms. Jia Shin is your HUFS contact person, please see the Guide for her contact details.
    – For non-German citizens: proof of permanent residence in Germany

You can either visit the embassy or mail the application documents and your passport to the embassy. Please call the embassy for details.

Proof of finances (no. 8):

The easiest way to demonstrate your finances are to print out an account slip from your bank account. You should have at the least enough money to cover the tuition fee on your account, or submit information on scholarship or state sponsorship money that you will be given (e.g. Kela/BAföG).

You can either borrow the required amount of money from your, e.g. parents, and return it immediately after you have received your account slip, or you can submit your parent’s account slip. In the latter case, however, you need to prove your relations to your parent with an official document.

Information for summer school students

Most international students do not need to obtain a student visa to attend the HUFS summer school. Most of the students are normally given a visa on arrival (a stamp on the passport) at the airport which allows them to stay in Korea for 3 months.

However, it is the responsibility of the student to use his or her official acceptance letter to apply for the correct visa if needed. Prospective students should inquire with the closest Korean consular office as to whether a visa is required for a 5-week stay in Korea for citizens of their country.

If you are from a country requiring a visa to enter Korea, you may apply for a Temporary Visiting Visa C3 for up to 3 months. It is a short term visa for purposes such as studying and visiting the country.

Students who plan to stay longer than 90 days need to apply for Residence Permission at the Seoul Immigration Office within 90 days of their arrival in Korea.

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