Traveling to your study abroad destination and back

  • Arrive at the study abroad destination approximately a week before the start of the semester. It will make it easier to settle in and find long-term accommodation. It will also help you get the most out of your orientation and the first days of classes because you’ve had time to recover from jet lag.
  • Some students travel to Asia weeks before the start of the study program to go backpacking and don’t have time to apply for visas at home. You can in some cases apply for a visa from another country’s Indonesian/Thai/Japanese embassy – but keep in mind that it is not always possible to apply for a student visa from anywhere else except your home country. It is recommended to travel after the semester rather than before the start of semester.
  • If you want to travel after the semester and don’t know your returning date, ask your travel agency what their policies and fees are for changing a return date on an airline ticket, or buying a ticket with an open return date. Shop around to find the best deals.
  • You can book your flights after you’ve gotten the initial acceptance letter from Asia Exchange. Note, however, that if the semester dates on our website are still tentative, they may change.

Cheap flights to Asia

STA Study Travel Service

We are cooperating with the travel agency STA Travel which offers flights tailored to our study abroad programs with special benefits for our students.

STA Travel is a specialist for affordable flights to all over the world. Especially students and young adults benefit from affordable and flexible fees, which are unique to STA Travel. Like we, our partner STA travel emphasizes personalized, high-quality service. Instead of an anonymous online flight search, after filling out the form you will receive a flight offering that has been tailored to your study abroad program by the STA Travel staff.

You will find more information on STA Travel and study travel service here. You may also call +49 (0)30 338 498700

STA_LOGO_CORP_RGB_HRBook your cheap flights now

Traveling in Asia

  • Traveling in Asia is very affordable – you can explore the continent even while on a student budget.
  • Get to know the public transportation system even though taxis are cheap. It’s not only ecological but also the most economical form of transportation.
  • Using subway is one of the most convenient forms of transportation in the cities where it’s available. Bangkok has a very small-scale subway network and it’s mostly substituted by the Skytrain (Bangkok Mass Transit System, BTS) which will take you from A to B above the city in a jiffy.
  • Scooters and motorbikes are very popular among the locals in Asian cities. However, we recommend you use them at your own discretion, because the risk of accidents is much greater than when traveling by car. In Phuket the monthly rent for a scooter is about 40 €.
  • Walking in the cities and their surrounding areas can be very rewarding. It gives you a chance to see local life unfolding from the viewpoint of the average city dweller and you can pop into numerous little boutiques, markets and restaurants.
  • Bangkok is called the centre of Asian air traffic and its airports are very convenient when traveling to nearby destinations with budget airlines, the most popular of which is Air Asia. You can fly to other destinations in Thailand (e.g. Phuket, Krabi and Chiang Mai) or to destinations in neighbouring countries (e.g. Hong Kong, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bali etc.) very easily.


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