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How to Apply?

How to apply for a study abroad program in Asia?

Applying for AE’s study abroad programs is easy – just follow the instructions below.

1. Apply Online

Fill the application form online and send the required attachments with it. You can find the application forms on the program specific pages under the Study Abroad -menu and from below:

If you are interested in a semester that isn’t listed on our site yet, please write an email to and we will secure a placement for you.

You can also apply for two semesters at the same or a different host university. You can also decide to apply for a second semester later on, as long as you send your application prior to the deadline of the second semester. If you apply to a second semester afterwards and/or want to apply to another host university, please contact us first. 

2. Initial acceptence within a week

You will receive an initial acceptance letter from AE within a week of sending in your application. This acceptance letter confirms your placement in the study abroad program. Together with your initial acceptance letter you will receive an invoice for the application fee (75€/ Udayana University 50 €). If you are not able to attend the study abroad semester, you can cancel your participation by emailing us, at the latest, a month before the start of the program.

NOTE! The application process to Universiti Putra Malaysia differs from AE’s other programs as the final decision of the study abroad placement is done approximately 1-2 months before the start of the semester.

3. Make a study plan

After receiving the initial acceptance letter you can make a study plan and present it to your home institution (if you are currently enrolled in an institute of higher education). Your home institution is in charge of granting the transfer credits.

Remember to apply for funding and scholarships early. Find out more from here.

4. Payment and Visa

The tuition fee invoice will be sent to you via email approximately 1,5 months before the start of the study abroad semester. The tuition fee is due a month before the beginning of the study abroad semester.

AE will send your host university’s official acceptance letter to you, at the latest, a month before the start of the study abroad program. You will need this letter when applying for a visa. It normally takes a few days to apply for a student visa. More information on visas is available here.

5. Start of the semester

There will be an orientation held at the study abroad destination. AE will also send you the Asia Exchange Guide a month before the semester begins. The Guide contains detailed information on all practical matters. We encourage students to also participate in their home institution’s orientation for outgoing students.

Please provide us with an address that will be valid when we send you the official acceptance letter and the transcript of records (after the semester has ended). If you don’t have a permanent address for the whole time you can give us e.g. your parents’ address. Please make sure your local postal service also knows where the mail should be sent to.

Are you from the US or Canada?

Contact our US representative and get more information on the programs, how to apply, budget, accommodation options and visa application.



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