Accommodation in Japan

The exchange students of Otemon Gakuin University are provided with two housing options off campus, as there are no on-campus housing facilities available.


The university has a contract for dorm rooms off-campus near the city of Ibaraki. The room type is single room and each dorm room offers a fully furnished room with breakfast and dinner served daily, except on Sundays and national holidays. Student dormitory is the ideal option for those who prefer freedom and independence.

The initial fee for the dormitory is JPY 93,000, and the monthly room fee is from JPY 48,000 up to 75,500. There is also a small electricity fee of JPY 5,700 + usage. You should be prepared to spend around JPY 5,000 to 10,000 per month on transportation expenses.

Home-stay program

Living with a Japanese family can easily be the highlight of your exchange as it gives you maximum exposure to the local customs in real-life settings. Otemon Gakuin University has over 20 host families registered on their list, to cater to the specific needs of each incoming student.

Monthly charge for the home-stay program is JPY 80,000 (+tax JPY 8,352/month). You will be provided with a private room with a desk and bedding (or a futon). Breakfast and dinner are served every day. The total housing cost for a semester (4 months) is approximately JPY 353,000. Depending on the location of your host family, you should be prepared to spend around JPY 5,000 to 10,000 per month on transportation expenses. Please note that the host families might have certain house rules and curfews to follow. Students taking part in the home-stay program are expected to respect the wishes of the host families. Internet access might not be available at some families.

Dormitory Homestay
Initial fee JPY 93,000 Living expenses JPY 80,000/month + tax 8%
Room fee JPY 48,000 to 75,500/month
Heating and electricity JPY 5,700 + usage

*Students should also be prepared to use JPY 5,000 to 10,000 per month on transportation expenses.

Apartment options

There are limited number of apartment rooms available which are located about a 40 minute commute away from the university. The apartment rooms are equipped for basic use with a desk, a bed and a washing machine, with other options available for a fee such as bedding, a refrigerator and a TV.

The initial fees for the apartments range from JPY 68,000 to 85,700, and rent around JPY 52,500 + electricity/gas fee by usage.

Available apartments

Private rentals

If you don’t find a suitable option from the university selection, you can look for private rentals, for example, via AirBnb. Please note, that you search for Ibaraki (Osaka prefecture), not Ibaraki prefecture.



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